Recently, while reading in the Old Testament, I made some interesting discoveries. In Genesis, I saw DECEIT as the unwritten theme.  Overwhelmingly so.  Take a look…

The serpent deceives Eve. Eve deceives Adam. Adam lies to God. Then, there’s the first murder.  The earth is so corrupt at this point that God – even God – wants a DO OVER!  And, it continues…

Abram deceives Pharoah. Isaac deceives Abimelech. Jacob deceives his own father to get his brother, (Esau’s), ‘first-born blessing’. Laban deceives Jacob by giving Leah, instead of Rachel.

Then Joseph’s brothers get into a mess by deceiving their dad, saying Joseph must have been killed by animals – they had sold him, and now had to cover their tracks.  More deceit.

But Genesis is also the story of God’s goodness and grace.  That theme continues, too.   God rewards those who obey Him – those who remain faithful.  God accomplishes His plans even when mankind messes up!  Isn’t that reassuring – especially in today’s world?

I read on…throughout Exodus and Leviticus, I was impressed by the detailed instructions God gives. His attention to detail is unequalled. He is relentless in His pursuit of His people. He has a plan – a detailed one – and He waits for those who will listen and obey. He’ll reveal His plan to those who do. He did to Noah.

Remember the detailed instructions He gave to Noah?  That ark was a massive undertaking.  God had a plan. He was ready to act on that “do over” and He enlisted the help of Noah to accomplish His plan.

gods-skyWe’re not living in Biblical times, though we are still a sinful and corrupt people – full of deceit and envy!  God still loves us, and still wants us to follow Him – to be faithful, as Noah was. He may not be asking us to build an ark, but He – no doubt – has a plan for each of us.

Are you listening?

What’s your ark?

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