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Changing Seasons – Our Grand Adventure – Part Two

Quick Update as a follow up to Part One (posted earlier):  Finally, the flood from the underbelly ceased. We decided to 'rough it' without water. We showered at the bathhouse and used water from a bucket to flush the toilet. And we survived! Later - back home - we discovered the problem. Previous owners failed to winterize it. The dealership...

Celebrate GrandparentingFamilyFriendsGrandparentingLifeTravel

Changing Seasons – Our Glamping Adventure – Part One

  Clothes. Check. Food. Check. Towels and toiletries. Check. Shotgun (our fur-baby). Check. And…we’re off on our maiden voyage in our new-to-us compact travel trailer. Just Jim, Shotgun, and me. Shotgun is always ready to tag along and loves to 'ride shotgun' since he was a pup - thus, his name! Our destination? A grandparenting...

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Our Risky Trip

“I never even knew my dad cared about me,” he said, as we snuggled and kissed good night. My heart nearly burst with emotion. How can a boy grow to be a man without knowing his dad even cares?I had been fortunate. Divorce was a word I’d only heard. Not something I’d lived through. Not something that impacted me as it had my new husband.But, it...

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Down the Drain

Why is it…my best thoughts come easily - as gushing waters - when I’m without a pen and paper to record them? That’s just not right. Not for a writer, at least. As the toasty warm water washed through my freshly shampooed (and astonishingly thin) hair this morning God gave me a pep talk. Brilliant thoughts. Needed inspiration. Great scriptural...

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The 2020 Christmas Creche Countdown – Finale!

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas Everyone! Today is the final post of my Christmas Creche Countdown and I have a beautiful new creche to share on this Holy holiday! And, yes, this was my splurge of the season. You already know I prefer 75-cent price tags - or $2 price tags. I'm even okay with an occasional $5 or $10 price tag, but when I saw this...

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Day 24 Christmas Creche Countdown

Day 24...It's Christmas Eve! Only one more post coming (after this one) in my 2020 Christmas Creche Countdown! I have truly enjoyed this 'exercise' in writing, and from the response, others have too. I'm glad. Thanks for your messages, comments, and emails. Thanks for tagging along as I share my nativity collection! Two more today, then the...

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