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Before the Red Ink Dries!

How often in our Christian walk do we praise God, serve others, and care for our families UNTIL our paths are suddenly obscured by unknown circumstances? My husband and I were on our way to Wichita last week and I was reading as he drove. Breaking the silence – my eyes still on the book in my hands – I emphatically said, “Max Lucado is...


Celebrate Your Blessings!

"Make a list of your blessings," the author suggested. "During the next week, see if you can unpack 100 things for which you're thankful." Challenge accepted! I can do that, I thought. God has blessed me big time. So, I grabbed a notebook to start my list. #1 Family (kids & grands & more) #2 Friends #3 Jim (he's not really 3rd...just...


You Have a Nice Day!

Mine was a petty purchase. Not one to break the bank. Just a small fountain drink to quench my thirst on a steamy hot day. As I walked toward the counter I reached for my wallet, but the cashier simply smiled, waved her hand, and said "You have a nice day!" My drink was on the house."What a blessing," I said to the young woman on the other...

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Doe. A deer. A female deer.

A couple of years ago, I saw something in nature that gave me a new perspective on life and death; on caregiving. It was Day 12 of my husband's fight for life. I was en route to the hospital where he was battling Covid Pneumonia - a long, battle with many ups and downs. His recovery was sometimes in question. That morning as I drove, I noticed...

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Grand Prayers

Prayer matters! Praying with and for your grandchildren matters!They may be too young to understand the importance of your prayers, or they may be old enough to take it lightly and even roll their eyes, but your grandchildren will never forget that you are praying for them.Whether your grands live next door or many miles away, your prayers are...

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God’s Paintbrush

Announcing! I'm a member of a prestigious group - Weather Wimps of America. Next summer I'll wave the white flag of surrender when triple digits hit but recently my flag was waving in response to snow drifts, sub-zero temps, crazy wind chills, and black ice. So...join me. I know you're out there. WWA members, unite! We are at the mercy of...


Generational Grace

Sometimes I feel I need industrial-strength glue or duct tape to hold things together as I navigate this broken world. Life is hard. Perhaps glue and tape could heal all wounds. Maybe it could guard the younger generation from pain and hard times. As a wife, mother, grandma, and friend, there are many times I'm tempted to reach for glue to fix...

Welcome, I’m Elaine. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, a choreographer of words, a challenger of the status quo, an admirer of all things colorful, and a lover of life who finds great comfort and joy in knowing I’m completely adequate to do whatever it is God calls me to do!

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