Hi Friends!

My name is Elaine, but some of my favorite people call me Gramma Mac!

I’m an award-winning writer, author, blogger, and columnist who loves to celebrate grandparenting (and life) every day.


I’ve ALWAYS loved to write. From childhood, having a fresh piece of paper on my desk and a pen in my hand was reason enough to celebrate and to create. I loved writing research papers (yes, I’m a word nerd) and enjoyed taking any concept and crafting it to convey a feeling or persuade a reader.

Whether it was a term paper, poetry, songs, stories, or letters sent across the miles, I lived to write and I still do.


Children don’t come with instruction manuals and neither do grandkids. As a new grandma – years ago – I kept my eyes open for crafts, recipes, traditions, activities, etc. – anything I could do with or for my grandchildren.

I shared pictures of our grand adventures and was constantly asked, “How do you come up with all these ideas?” to which I’d say, “How do you NOT?” I guess I thought all grandparents did what I was doing. I soon discovered some very committed grandparents had the best of intentions but lacked the creativity and/or resources. That realization led me down some unexpected pathways.

My passion for discovering and sharing resources with other grandparents grew. And, remember…I love to write. I knew I could combine those passions to empower others to create memories and build meaningful relationships with their grands.


I was nominated in an online grandparenting contest for my Advent Angels and Camp Gram ideas. The readership voted and I won first place. That recognition led to an invitation to speak at a women’s ministry event. Seventy-five copies of a booklet of ideas were sold by that ministry that night. That booklet became the impetus for my first book, Celebrate Grandparenting: 101 Ideas to Intentionally Connect with your Grands.

I gained a few more grandchildren over the years and God continued to open doors for me to encourage fellow grandparents. I love sharing ideas while still making time to be the best grandma I can be for my own grands.


Do you want to become a more intentional grandparent? You’re not alone in this journey, in fact you’re one in a BILLION (there are over a billion grandparents worldwide).

If you’re a grandparent, let’s connect. I’d love to har about your grand adventures. Share your comments or questions. Let me know how you celebrate grandparenting. I won’t flood your mailbox. I won’t share your email address. And, you can unsubscribe any time, though I hope you won’t. You’ll receive my blog posts on a variety of topics – grandparenting, family history, generational storytelling, faith, caregiving, and more. Remember….I love to write! LOL!


My hope is you’ll find inspiration, encouragement, truth, and even humor in my words. Thanks for stopping by for a chat, and I hope you Celebrate Grandparenting today and every day!

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