Elaine is an effective communicator who passionately celebrates grandparenting and consistently equips others to become intentional grandparents through her newspaper columns, “Gramma & Me” workshops, and speaking engagements.

Browse her most popular topics which are well-suited for women’s ministry or senior ministry events. Choose two or three for a Friday evening and Saturday morning event.

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Children should have someone who loves them in spite of themselves, prays for them regularly, and always has their back – that’s a grandparent. Be encouraged to become more intentional grandparents. Don’t miss opportunities to create strong bonds and make memories with grands. Learn seven ways to celebrate with your grands, and gain a plethora of inter-generational resources. You’ll leave better equipped to create meaningful memories whether your grands are next door or hundreds of miles away.


We live in a tradition-rich society, yet often become too busy to incorporate family traditions. “I’ll do that next year,” we say, but next year never comes. Multiple family traditions will be showcased – some associated with holidays; others, not. Participants will be encouraged to choose what best suits their family dynamics, develop a plan, and implement a tradition or two this year.


Many grandparents care for their grandchildren part of the summer. Some grandchildren live under the same roof with their grandparents for one reason or another. No matter your circumstances, you will likely travel with your grandchildren whether on a day trip or a multi-generational vacation. Whether little ones are confined in a car, train, or airplane, preparation is the key to a less stressful experience for all involved. Learn some activities that are easily adaptable for travel, hints for games on the go, and portable ideas which will help whenever you travel with your grands.


Are there questions you wish you’d asked your parents or grandparents, but it’s too late? Don’t let regret continue in your family. Share memories with your grandchildren now. Discover ways to incorporate such discussions in everyday conversations. Learn how to creatively share stories and entice the younger generation with your family history. Enlist the help of tech-savvy grands to capture video clips. Create an environment of inquisitiveness between generations, and make stories of ancestors come alive. Become a ‘curator’ of your own museum (your home). Discover ideas for creative heritage journaling and celebrate life while sharing memories across generations.


Like many believers, Elaine’s personal testimony tells a story of highs and lows, but God has been her constant. Come along as she recalls an uprooted childhood of great memories in the midst of many moves across the Midwest. Feel her heartbreak during a season of unsuccessful pregnancies early in her marriage. Walk with her through parenting and empty nesting. Join her, bedside, as she becomes a ‘no-regrets’ caregiver. Imagine the turmoil of unexpected layoffs with no income. Sense the chaos of a season of separation while her husband worked in another state. But, be encouraged as Elaine shares how God has proven Himself faithful to her and her family throughout all the seasons of life.


Who are you? Where are you from? What’s your story? Elaine believes everyone has a story to tell, though most stories go untold for a variety of reasons. What’s holding you back from telling yours? Are you lacking motivation? Do you doubt your abilities? Do you think your story lacks value? Let Elaine help you unwrap your story and give it a voice.


Learn how to plan, schedule, and prepare for a fun-filled, action-packed, memory making adventure for all of your grands. Quite often, cousins become best friends at their grandparents’ home. Discover hints to enrich such an experience and explore pitfalls to avoid. Understand whether a one-day event or an overnighter is best suited for your family dynamics.


Pull off a pre-Christmas event for your grandchildren. You’ll be given easily implemented ideas for crafts, snacks, and activities. Discover resources and be encouraged to plan ahead for the coming Christmas season and make it the best one ever.


“But, I’m not crafty!” That’s just fine. Being crafty is NOT a pre-requisite for ‘creative crafting.’ Discover ideas that are as easy as 1-2-3. Don’t be paralyzed, but instead, be equipped to invite your grands for a day of crafting as you celebrate life together.

“Elaine was very accommodating while we planned the event for our church. Her sensitivity to different grandparenting situations was displayed as she shared numerous ideas that were practical and fun.”

Marilyn Kalmar

Turon Community Church, Turon KS

“Elaine spoke to our Women’s Fellowship group and provided an educational and entertaining presentation. Elaine was so easy to work with on setting up her time to speak. Everyone really enjoyed her program.”

Debbie Engelland

Midland Community United Church of Christ, Sterling KS

“When Elaine informed me that she would be coming through our area in February, I knew we had to have her speak to the ladies who attend my women’s ministry events. Her presentation was so well received and left us all desiring a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Comments after the meeting included the desire of several ladies to hear more of her wisdom in regard to Christian grandparenting, so we will certainly have her back. I am still hearing positive feedback four months later. I am delighted to know that when she comes again she will have her book on grandparenting available for us.”

Ellen Sherrill, Founder of Make Every Woman Special

Jemez Valley Christian Center, San Ysidro NM

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