To purge or not to purge – THAT is the question!


And, the answer is………?


PURGE! With gusto!


It’s what you do when you’ve lived in the same house for 33 years, and you’re planning to move. It’s definitely time to downsize. It’s time to get rid of stuff, eliminate what’s unneeded, and find freedom from stuff, and I’m all in.

My mom was a saver of all things – I’ve mentioned that in my blog before – and when she was gone, it was my task to go through all her stuff. I will NOT do that to my grown children. I’ve done it myself, and I know many others in this sandwich generation who are struggling with the same task. It’s no fun.

So, I’m determined. And, I’m purging!



I have made great strides in the basement in the last few days. Then I tackled what was in the attic. Have made it through tubs and boxes that I haven’t seen for YEARS! Seriously! I probably boxed up things for a future garage sale, and then the garage sale never happened, so the boxes remain – all packed up, and taking up space.

So, I’ll be trying to sell a few things online, making multiple trips to the landfill and to the thrift shop.  I’m sorting and being ruthless in my efforts.

Today’s efforts brought me some fun, fun memories! I found a popcorn can – you know the kind. It’s what you can buy at Christmas time, and it usually has three different flavors of popcorn. They’re decorator tins, and I save them – to store stuff! I opened one and found old Christmas cards. Looked at each one, and read most of the letters, too. It took a while, but after lots of moving and sweeping and cleaning and sorting, it was GREAT to actually sit and relax while reading a multitude of cards and letters.

One thing that really impacted me, though, was the changes I see in the families represented on those cards and letters. As I read the names on the cards, I realized how much I miss certain people. I thought of those I hadn’t seen for several years – friends and neighbors and co-workers who had moved away. We’re in touch – some of us – on social media, but we’re no longer attending the same church, working in the same place, or living in the same neighborhood.

Some of them, I won’t see again this side of Heaven. Those names. Those signatures. Those are the people I miss so much. Some lived long lives, and celebrated multiple decades and many great milestones together. They were examples of true love to so many! Some of the signatures represented friends and family members who died way too young – those who left this Earth much too early! All of them are missed.

I found cards from business men and women who are now retired or out of business. Times have changed and we no longer do business with them, but it was refreshing to remember them.

And, there were others for whom their ‘present’ is not at all what they would have expected in their ‘future.’ Several who were once a couple, are now single. They no longer sign their names on a single card. Instead, they live different lives in different homes. For them, I grieved today.

Life goes on. People change. People die. People move away. Families are broken. Lives change. It was definitely a walk through time to reread those cards and letters.




I celebrate the longtime relationships and friendships with those who remain friends today. I was blessed as memories flooded my consciousness, and thankful for long-time friends and great memories. But, I’m still focused and determined.

So, purge I will! And, purge I must. I’m throwing away a lot of stuff…

…but, holding on to memories, and my friends!

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