There’s been a silence lately. My blog has been a bit inactive. I haven’t been inactive, but I’ve been absent!

My fingers have been flying over the keys on my computer. Pages have been flying out of my printer at an alarmingly speedy rate, too. In fact, I think I’ll buy stock in HP, as my purchase of ink cartridges is surely affecting the economy!

But, I haven’t been posting on my blog….I have been focusing on an amazing project – a book proposal (what an intense writing project THAT is!) and then, the book, itself.

Soon I’ll be attending a writers’ conference, and in preparation for a critique or two with an agent or two, I’ve been working diligently on the proposal – getting it as close to perfection as is humanly possible (by this human, at least!). I needed to submit it.

And, once that was ‘ready’ to submit, I was to have the first three chapters ready to submit. But, my book isn’t a typical chapter book, so I didn’t know how to comply, so I just dug in – literally – and finished the whole book. I thought I’d just have it ALL ready and let the whole thing be scrutinized.

I’ve been hard at it for the last month or so.

And, three days ago, I hit the SEND button as I held my breath. Seriously. It was the most intense and intentional ‘action of hitting send’ I’d ever done. I jokingly compared it to giving birth…I was giving birth, electronically, to a manuscript….and a dream. Praying and trusting God to bless my effort.

So thankful for the opportunities ahead. So thankful for the blessings I’m seeing. So thankful I am now DOING what it is (writing) that I have known for a long time I was called to do! Thankful I am retired and able to do so. Thankful to be the conduit through which God is able to reach people with His messages. Eager to be a part of His plan.

And, thankful to no longer be absent from my blog site!

More insightful and thought provoking blogs to come soon! Stay tuned!

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