Are you a bookworm?

Can’t wait to find the next great book? Have a stack of books on the nightstand? What about your children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren? Are they lovers of books? You can be a great influencer, so do your best to instill in them the love of reading. It can be a serious game changer!

After years of teaching kindergarten students to read, my daughter moved to upper elementary and then to junior high. Since then, she has noticed the difference between students who love to read and those who don’t. Those differences are evident not only in reading, but in other subjects. It also impacts adulting, later in life! I’ve seen it.

The differences can probably be traced back to early childhood. Were these students read to as children? Were they encouraged to read on their own? Did they have access to books at home? Does it matter? Yes! Because reading impacts all learning.

Here’s a practical way to help a generation of future readers. Consider adopting a classroom that participates in the Scholastic Book Club. Scholastic almost always offers $1 books on their flyers. Ask permission (they won’t say no!) to adopt a certain classroom. For $1/child you can be sure every child gets a book when the Scholastic order arrives. It won’t break the bank (even if you adopt this class for the entire year of Scholastic orders) but you will definitely impact students from the comfort of your own home – one book at a time. Their teachers and parents will thank you!

When I was a kid, I loved getting Scholastic flyers and marking the books I wanted. Of course, I had to narrow down my long list. Thankfully, my brother and I were encouraged to read, and books were a priority so we almost always got at least one book. Some kids don’t, though.

There’s another way you can encourage reading that works amazingly well for grandparents. If your grandchildren are in a school that participates, go to and set up an online account. Check with your grandchild’s teacher to find out their teacher code. You’ll be able to see what’s trending for each age group, and you’ll have access to sales. I’ve done this for my own grandkids – they’re never lacking good books to read – and you’ll get some amazing discounts.

Another way to encourage reading…

Pick out a book with each grandchild in mind. Buy it. Read it. Then mail or give it to your grandchild. Form an intergenerational book club of sorts. Challenge your grand to call you after each chapter to discuss the book together. Jot down questions, comments, or observations as YOU read it so you’ll have material to discuss together.

They’ll love it that you’ve read the same book, and it’ll be a great way to sharpen their comprehension skills, and perhaps your own, too.

And, don’t forget your youngest grands…

Find a book especially for little ones. Record yourself reading that book to them (this is especially good if you live quite a distance from your grandchildren). Give them the book AND the recording so they can learn to follow along as you read. They’ll love hearing you read to them at bedtime, whether they’re faraway or right next door.

To encourage reading is to encourage success! – Elaine McAllister

(c) Elaine McAllister 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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