God’s Awesome Creation

As a young mom, I didn’t miss many opportunities to give God credit for the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we saw living in the plains of Kansas. I’d often tell my kids, Shawna and Travis, that God was painting pictures for us as we marveled at the intricacies of snow drifts, golden wheat fields in the summer sun, and colorful autumn leaves; doing my best to instill in them a love for God’s creation in everyday life.  

Years later, as a grandma, I would reap the benefits of that as my daughter instilled that same love in my grandchildren. What a blessing.

Shawna, a kindergarten teacher at that time, was driving to the nearby town to drop Emma at daycare before starting her day. Emma was in the back seat, totally enthralled with the sunrise ahead of them. That early-morning drive when Emma was just four years old led to quite a conversation.

My daughter called me from school that morning to tell me about it, and I wrote it down – never wanting to forget what was said. Oh, the theology of a preschooler.

Emma is now a beautiful twelve year old who loves the Lord, and continues to ponder things and ask deep questions – I hope she always does!

I found the transcript of that conversation and hope you enjoy it as much as it did when I found it earlier today!

Their Priceless Conversation

Emma: Mom, I just love it when God paints us a picture.

Shawna: Yeah, isn’t it beautiful?

There was silence in the back seat, but Emma’s thoughts continued…

Emma: Mom, when is Jesus going to come for me?

Now the silence was in the front seat as Shawna hoped God would give her the words…and He did!

Shawna: He will when He’s ready, Emma.

Emma: Mom, what will we do when He comes?

Shawna: We’ll go to Heaven to be with Him, and we’ll live up there forever.

More deep thinking was happening in that back seat…

Emma: Mom, did you know Jesus got hammered?

Shawna (shocked, and wondering where in the world she’d heard such a thing): Um…..Emma…..what do you mean?

Emma: You know, Mom…when He was on the cross. He got hammered on the cross!

Shawna (much relieved): Yes, Emma, He did. He did.     

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