At a recent writing workshop, an ‘exercise’ was given to ’emulate’ a poetry ‘form’ (I chose the often-emulated “I Am From” by Mary Pipher) ….

cropped-facebook-cover.jpgI am from Arden and Nadine.

From Carl and Bertha. From Marvin and Madge Edith.

From the wooded hills of Iowa and the flat sunny plains of Kansas.

From hot, humid summers and wicked, windblown winters.

I’m from hard work, hard times, and lives lived long and well.

From sunup to sundown chores, and commitments met, and challenges accepted.

From basket weavers and homesteaders, farmers and ranchers, teachers and Bible scholars.

I’m from “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” and “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything”.

I’m from rugged, adventurous, nurturing souls.

From treasured traditions, and an honorable heritage.

From dugouts and horses and wagons.

I’m from pulpits, and pews, and potlucks, and prayer.

From words of wisdom, well-written and well-lived.

I’m from faith, strength, honesty, persistence, and tenacity.

From blessings, overflowing…and I am blessed. I am Elaine.

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