Christopher Reeve once said something quite profound about dreams. He said, at first, they may seem impossible, then they appear improbable, but as the dreamer moves toward the dream – they become inevitable. I like that!

My world comes alive with a pen in hand – it always has. As a young child, I would write about life, or cats, or 4-H calves!  I loved the act of writing as much as the art of ‘word-smithing’ and I dreamed of being an author.

I’ve always kept a diary or journal. I loved writing letters to grandparents and penpals around the world. Still do! I excelled when given writing assignments, essay questions, and research papers – I was the ultimate word nerd, and my love affair with words remained constant.

And, I still dreamed of being a published author.

Why I didn’t go into Journalism, I don’t know! I was involved in Journalism both in high school and college, but instead I pursued jobs in the secretarial field. I did utilize my writing skills, however – acting as a ghost-writer for bosses, writing articles or press releases for newspapers and magazines, and editing anything that was put into print – all in my role as an employee. Loved using my gift in that way.

When I was named alumni director of a Christian college, greater opportunities came. I served as the editor of the college magazine, and also wrote much of the copy. Recognizing my writing ability, I was asked to launch a new project for the college – publishing an annual book highlighting the stories of all graduates. It was a highlight of that job!

I enjoyed interviewing the graduates, then weaving each story into a masterpiece portraying the life lived. The pages of those books held accounts of miracles, heartaches, obstacles, memories, and victories – further confirming my belief that everyone has a story to tell, but most lack the ability or motivation to do so.

While each story told one person’s story, the books told the bigger story of the college. The graduates, and their family members, saw these books as sentimental treasures, while the administration saw marketing value. They were used by Admissions as recruiting tools, and by Development as tools when soliciting from donors. And, I gained the title as “the choreographer of dancing words” – an unusual compliment!

That job, and that project is now history. I continue to write and learn and pursue this dream – it’s just what I do! I’m focusing on new projects – a blog, a column, and a book proposal.

Vincent van Gogh said it best, “I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.”  That’s me!  The blogger! The columnist! The author!

Just DOING  it, while learning HOW to do it! Thankful for each opportunity, and for the words of affirmation and encouragement on my way from impossible to inevitable!

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