How can it be? I’m seated next to the One who came to save the world.

Yet, only He knows what lies ahead. No one else knows…well, except for me!

I was given a glance into the future – a flash forward, if you will.

I know what’s coming but the others seated around the table are clueless.

That simple glance changed my perspective about this meal, this Man, and these friends who are gathered.

How can it be? The darkest day is ahead, but so is the most glorious day of resurrection.

The promise of eternal life for believers is real because of the darkness that’s coming.

I’m overwhelmed with emotion, yet appalled by the lack of emotion I see in others. 

Then I remember…they don’t know.

They’re just feasting!


What you just read was written in response to an impromptu writing prompt given to a group of writers years ago. I was one of those writers.

We were instructed to imagine being seated at the table during the Last Supper and were given five minutes to write about the experience. Don’t judge me too harshly – I was definitely thinking outside the box.

BUT…as I revisit my scribbled account of that imaginary experience (which I kept for some reason) I find my perspective is much the same today.

Go there for yourself. Ponder this for a moment. Take a seat next to Jesus, surrounded by other followers. What’s your response?

A feast is before you…the cross is before Him.

I’m thankful to know Jesus Christ…the One who took my place on the cross.

I’m thankful to trust Him in this frail, fickle, and fallen world in which we live.

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