It’s a great pre-Christmas morning as I prepare to share another creche with you all. I can hardly believe it’s a little more than a week until Christmas. How time does fly. Especially this year. You’d think in 2020 the days, weeks, and months would just drag by, but that hasn’t been the case for me. It seems the opposite!

Several years ago (2012-2013), I was one blessed Gramma Mac to be given the opportunity to ‘babysit’ for my two youngest (at that time) grandkids – T & K – for most of one school year. Their moms are teachers, and my older grand – E – was already in school, but these two little ones – cousins – came to Gramma’s house every day to play. They’re only two years apart, so they became really close (which makes any Gramma’s heart happy). They played together splendidly, and I loved having the extra time with them for that year.

By Christmastime 2012, K was about 18 months old and totally fascinated by my Christmas decor – especially this particular stable which was displayed on top of my grandma’s antique Singer sewing machine. At that time, my Chunky Nativity characters were in this stable – remember them? If not, they’re featured on my Day 7 Creche Countdown.

The most awesome feature of this stable is it’s lighted, illuminating whatever characters are inside. I love the barn-like stable, with a thatched straw roof and a wide doorway, but on both ends of this ceramic piece, there are windows, through which the light shines out. I captured a precious picture of K that year, on her little knees on the nearby chair, leaning forward and resting her elbows on her great, great grandmother’s sewing machine, and peering – wide-eyed with wonder – inside a window to see Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The wise men (in that other set) were there, too. Along with an angel, shepherd, and a few animals. The entire display was FASCINATING to my youngest granddaughter; she was enthralled! Oh, how I loved watching her adoring Baby Jesus; worshipping him in her 18-month-old way!

Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child…there’s just not much better than that!

I’m using that same ceramic barn to display this sweet little 5-piece nativity set in 2020. Joseph and Mary, holding Baby Jesus, are nestled safe and warm inside the stable, as the three wise men stand outside, gazing upon the precious Baby Jesus. This is another cast (of characters) I was drawn to by their sweet faces. Each one is different. Eyes closed. Eyes open. Smiles. Looks of wonder. Sweet little rosy cheeks on each one. The white parts of the characters are glazed and shiny. Some of the brown parts are, too. But, the faces – those sweet faces – and hands are a matte finish.

This was another thrift store find – these five little people – and they add just another welcome touch of JOY in my home! And, I love the added charm of the well-lit stable. The only thing missing is my little K, gazing in the windows to see Baby Jesus! She would love this set!

(This creche is yet unnamed…ideas are welcomed! And, go!)

Here’s another sweet creche, with a backdrop of a barn for the stable. This stable is all one piece – a barn wood back and a pebble floor, made like a bookend onto which I display my primitive creche. Such a simplistic look. I’ve had it for some time. Markings on the characters show they are by B Lloyd ’07. The trees (which I found at a different time and place, but they’re perfect) are by Suzi ’07. They did similar work, as they are well-suited. The characters are about 2.5 – 3″ tall, and the trees about 5″-5.5. The coolest thing about Mary & Joseph in this set is their little hands…tiny little hands formed of black wire. Love those faces. Love the snow on the trees. Love the stable and cobblestone. Love their little bare feet sticking out from under their robes. And, love the star! My Precious Primitive creche!  

May your days be filled with awe and wonder as you continue your own personal countdown to Christmas! Trusting you’ll feel the love of God each and every day!

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