It’s Day Three of the Creche Countdown (but I guess I’m counting UP). December 3, 2020. Still flip-flop weather for me yesterday, but there’s a weather change in store for central Kansas with snow (though not as much as once predicted) and colder temps. Next week it’ll be back in the 50s. I can handle that. One never knows what’s next in Kansas weather.

Today I’m featuring my Button Jar Kids Creche. It’s from Hobby Lobby and though they no longer carry it, I’ve seen this creche for sale on eBay (Sandy Tuzinski, 2003).

I’ve had this nativity for several years, and I truly do LOVE it! (I know. I say that about each one, but this one is just beyond precious!) The premise is this: A Christmas Pageant, with ingenious, innocent children as child actors, intent on playing their parts splendidly.

If you love kids, you’ll love this creche, but you’ve GOT to see close-ups! It’s all in the details!

Imagine a classroom of children, preparing for a makeshift, impromptu Christmas pageant. Just imagine…

Mary has already kicked off her shoes so her socks are peeking under her green robe. Her jeans are rolled up a bit, but still visible. Draped around Mary’s head and neck is a pink striped scarf – it doesn’t match, but who cares. Every Mary has to have her head covered. She’s holding a doll – Baby Jesus for the day – wrapped in a quilt.

Mary isn’t perched atop a donkey but sits sidesaddle in a little red wagon full of hay, and is propped up by a pillow of blue and white ticking. Who provides the muscles behind Mary’s transportation? It’s Joseph, proudly hanging on to the wagon handle. Check him out. Such a cutie. A dishtowel over his head, a robe draped over his bib overalls, shoes that are untied, and a safety pin holding together his collar.

But both he and Mary have the most endearing expressions on their little faces. Oh, to be the ones chosen to play these starring roles. What a thrill.

Enter, stage left: The Three Wise Men! And, they’re multi-cultural! How cool is that? I love this feature. An Asian boy with dark straight hair and slanted eyes is carrying a teddy bear to present to the newborn King. He’s also carrying a frog in his pocket – typical boy! All boy! And, he’s barefoot. Ten little toes peek out under his robe. Then a blonde-haired little guy holds a piggy bank in his hands (not pictured). It’s pink and he’s offering it to Baby Jesus. How sweet.

Kneeling before the Lord is the third, donning a full head of black curls framing a dark face; the face of an angel. Possibly an impetuous angel, but an angel, nonetheless. He had planned to bring milk and cookies to Baby Jesus, but he was hungry. This acting gig is hard work, y’all. And, he only had one bite. It’s all good. He’s giving the rest of it to the babe.

This impish one makes me smile! Check out his backside to see he’s wearing roller skates. OMGoodness! Every classroom has one; a non-stop, on-the-go, ornery (but innocent) little guy! Am I right?

So…how do you make a camel? Well, it takes two kids with vivid imaginations. Each one is wearing a hooded, brownish robe; and each head becomes a hump. A colorful rug is draped across the camel’s back between the two kids (the two humps) who are walking in tandem. The back child holding on tightly to the robe of the first. With shoestrings untied and glasses perched on his nose, the little guy in the lead is riding a stick horse (but in this case, it’s a stick camel) with a stuffed sock for a head, complete with button eyes. Fun!

I can’t forget the drummer boy – another dark-skinned boy with a sweet expression. He’s in his own little world. Pa rum pum pum pum! A sign is taped on one of the paint cans reminding the audience they’re really drums. Of course, the ‘s’ is written backward. Oh well! Pa rum pum pum pum! The drumsticks are paint stirrers and his paintbrush is sticking out of his side pocket. Shoestrings dangle, but he’s oblivious as he plays for the newborn king…PA RUM PUM PUM PUM!

The one feature seen over and over in this creche – besides cuteness overload – is buttons. Everywhere, buttons. Each character has buttons. Each costume has buttons. Look closely. I guess that’s why it’s called the Button Jar Kids!

I added a new piece this year. Another ‘After-Christmas-clearance’ which I couldn’t resist the end of 2019. It’s just a tree, but it is made to look like it is wrapped in yarn. Pink-ish yarn. Sprinkle with glitter, add a star, and it’s perfect for this creche, but I realized it was too tall. It overpowered the child actors. Thankfully, Jim cut off the base (about 4″), sanded the bottom, and it is just perfect!

There are other pieces in this nativity. I didn’t take close-ups of the shepherd (who’s surrounded by puppies rather than lambs), the sheep (though he’s just precious), the angel (ditto), or the blonde wise man. They’re all just as cute, just as detailed, and just as charming. I hope you saw enough detail to fall in love with it, though. I know I did when I first saw it, and I’ve not regretted this purchase since!

This creche embodies all the beauty of innocence and the sweetness of child-like faith we should each possess along with the enthusiasm of children ready to shine for the Lord. May we all become like these little ones; so full of joy, faith, and enthusiasm for life! May we all give Him our best, even if we take a little bite out of the cookie first!

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