It’s December 4, 2020.

I’m curious…is your Christmas decor glitzy or farmhouse or chic or traditional? Have you ever considered how to describe your style? I guess I’m eclectic. I’ve done all of the above at one time or another, and you’ll see it in my nativities as well as in my tree (when I have one). I don’t know that I have a strong preference but go with whatever ‘look’ strikes me at the time. What about you?

As I introduce you to Beth’s Silver Sparkle Creche today, prepare for some glitz and elegance.

I first saw it in downtown McPherson. I loved it, didn’t have anything like it, but I walked away (See, I sometimes can say no). I mentioned it to my friend Beth, and she asked me a ton of questions about it. Hmmmm? Later, she went to that store, found what I described, and bought it for me. OMGoodness, I was blown away. What a blessing…and what an elegant creche.

I first displayed it on an accent table in my church office, directly in front of my deep plum accent wall. Oh, how strikingly beautiful and elegant that was. Another year I put it on the shelf of a quilt rack with glitzy balls providing soft illumination. That was a classy display, too. This year, I tried it in front of that filigree screen (See Day 2) with a red feather boa adding contrast both in color and texture, but I moved Beth’s Silver Sparkle to a narrow shelf in my living room now.

No matter where I display this one, it’s regal and elegant!

The set includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, an angel, and the three wise men. Each figurine is fairly thin (front to back) and most are about 9″ tall; the bottom of each base is covered with soft fabric. I’m not sure of the material but would guess some heavy cement-like substance is poured into molds before pieces are coated with a high-gloss silvertone finish. A black gloss finish of some kind is applied then wiped, leaving great highlights in the cracks and crevices.

I love the details of Beth’s Silver Sparkle. The posturing is well done. The rope belts look like rope. The fabric designs of the robes are exquisite. The faces, hair, and beards are superbly crafted. Yes, a bit of simple elegance is on display in our home…along with some chic, and some farmhouse. Eclectic elegance!

And, from elegance let’s go straight to simplicity! My Wooden Nativity is just that – simple! 

Crafted from a 1X4 and stained perfectly, this 4-piece creche was purchased at a craft show. Somewhere. Sometime. Anyone with a saw could whip these out in no time, and this craft vendor probably sold a bunch of these 5″ tall creches.

Anything with beautiful wood grain gets my attention and knowing me, I looked through several before finding the most striking and unique grain. And – as I said before – it’s so simple.

I like simple lines. The crisp edges. And, it’s a great option for little kids to play with. Baby Jesus and the manger fit together like a 2-piece puzzle, so that’d be fun, too. It’s pretty indestructible (unless you have a puppy who chews anything).

My Divine Cast Creche features Baby Jesus and three 4-legged friends; two lambs and a burro. Oh, so sweet!

The thatched roof and the hay on the stable floor add great texture to the otherwise smooth lines of this one-piece creche. Well, except for the mane of the donkey. It’s textured, too. The manger with Baby Jesus – eyes wide open – is tucked into a stable of sorts; both it and the manger are the color of a basic clay pot. Glitter – once again – makes an appearance on the stable floor of this creche though it’s not as noticeable as in some of my creches. I love how this one stands out against my black square planter filled with succulents. Striking, wouldn’t you say?

I bought this at Spencers Sporting Goods according to the price tag which remains on the bottom. It’s by Lifesighs – Chris Shea. Might be available online if you’re in the market for such a precious nativity.

This is one of the most precious one-piece creches I have. It’s so stinkin’ cute, but what makes it even more precious are the words on the front. “The setting was humble…but the cast was Divine.” I absolutely love this message, don’t you?

A divine gift…sent by our Heavenly Father to save the world; to save each one of us. Born in a humble stable, with animals nearby. Worshipped by shepherds and kings just days later. Followed by many during his 33 years here on earth. Despised by a few. Crucified. Buried. And, raised again.

Oh, how we need this Savior today. May God’s divine gift – Jesus Christ – make his forever home in your heart this Christmas!

Christmas blessings, my friends! See you tomorrow!






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