There’s more to life than eating!

I think I just learned that!

Eating and entertainment used to be synonymous.  Our social life – such as it was – involved food!  My husband and I would meet friends for dinner.  We’d invite the kids and grandkids over, and we’d eat.  We’d call and meet at our favorite pizza place.  We’d stop by some local spot for supper on the way home from work because we had a busy evening planned. Life, it seemed, revolved around food!

But, we have changed our focus!  And, we have dropped, between the two of us, nearly 80 pounds on a journey to wellness!  More importantly than the 80 pounds we’ve lost is the mindset we’ve gained!

Life is NOT all about food!  In fact, oftentimes, food gets in the WAY of life.  It can be debilitating! Seriously! How many times have you found it difficult to paint your toenails, or tie your shoes – especially after a much-too-big meal?  Don’t tell me that’s never happened to you!

If your metabolism is your friend, and your genes are your friend (which means your jeans are your friend, too), then count your blessings and humor me as I write for those of us for whom genetics or habits (or the combination) cause a lifetime struggle with weight!

Look around yourself when you’re at the store next time – you’ll see that more and more of us who fit in that category, and struggle to fit into clothes!  Judging by some I’ve seen, many DON’T fit into them well enough to be seen in public, but they’re there, anyway! Unashamed, no less! LOL & SMH here!

Then, there are others of us who ARE ashamed, and hide from cameras, don’t look in mirrors as we pass, and do our best to camouflage by wearing layers, or bulky sweatshirts, hoping no one sees that every seam UNDER all the layers is bulging! Strike a chord with any of you???

I’m thankful to be on a journey toward wellness!  And, lookout – it’s contagious!  Contagious wellness – I love that phrase!  I’m thankful to have encouraged others to begin the same journey toward wellness – just as I’m thankful for those who have encouraged my husband and I!

It’s been said it takes a village to raise a child, well sometimes, it would seem, it takes a village to change well-ingrained habits!  Thankful for our village! Thankful for our journey toward wellness! Thankful for new habits! Thankful for success! Thankful to know – after all these years – that life does NOT need to revolve around food!


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