I love trees!  I really love trees!

I love trees in the spring time when they introduce themselves with monochromatic hues – each species showing off its own unique shape and tone – signaling the end of cold weather!

I love trees in the summer as they provide shade, and as they rustle in the Kansas winds with unequalled percussion!

But, I especially love autumn’s trees as they bid farewell to the long, hot days of summer.  They seem to THRIVE on competition as their leaves change to the most vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow -each tree outdoing the next one.  When the colorful trees peek out from between pine trees, they appear even brighter!

My husband and I recently rode our cycles through Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas. Even more recently, I explored the beauty of the aspens in Colorado, and came away in awe! Words do not adequately describe what we saw – neither do photographs!

So, let me challenge you to take the time to enjoy the sights of autumn – even if it’s in your own neighborhood!  May you be blessed by God’s colorful gift this autumn!

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