How often in our Christian walk do we praise God, serve others, and care for our families UNTIL our paths are suddenly obscured by unknown circumstances?

My husband and I were on our way to Wichita last week and I was reading as he drove. Breaking the silence – my eyes still on the book in my hands – I emphatically said, “Max Lucado is absolutely my very favorite author in the whole wide world!” With quick-wit, Jim said, “I thought YOU were your favorite author!” No. Not at all. Among a plethora of gifted writers, Max Lucado will always rise to the top of my list.

You see, Lucado seems to speak my language. His thoughts resonate with me. His words are relatable. In fact, I find myself wanting to ask Lucado this: “How do you so eloquently put into words exactly what is floating around haphazardly inside my head?” He gives words to my random ponderings and stretches me as I process life. His writing causes me to consider ideas not yet on my radar. Again, I say…he is absolutely my very favorite author in the whole wide world!

On that particular day, Lucado’s “In the Footsteps of the Savior: Following Jesus Through the Holy Land” was in my hands as I prepared to facilitate his six-week study. The next day, I was reading another Lucado book – “They Walked with God: 40 Bible Characters Who Inspire Us.” In this book, Lucado skillfully uses an analogy to reach his readers.

We think we know how our story goes. Right? But what happens when God steps in and changes our plans – the plans we just thought we knew?

As Lucado says of our stories, “…just when we’re ready for the manuscript to be bound and published, God exercises editorial authority.” As a fellow writer, his analogy resonates with me. Writers write and editors edit. It’s their job. They add a plot twist or remove a character, often changing how the story ends.

So what are we to do? How are we to react? Good question, isn’t it?

Lucado has the answer and directs us to the Bible where we meet others who face similar unexpected edits. Why? Because we can learn from them. “For each occasion when we feel our story is coming undone,” Lucado says, “God steps in with a message: ‘Just trust me. I’m the author and the finisher of your life!’ ” If only we could remember that whenever God edits our stories and interrupts what we thought was ahead.

I pray you are gifted today with the ability to trust without hesitancy, avoid closed doors, and boldly walk through open ones as God edits your story. Remember, He is with you before the red ink dries. Read on with confidence because He will lead until our story ends.

Be blessed, my friends!

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