Who would’ve thought? It’s Kansas, so waking up to a fresh blanket of snow on April 7th isn’t out of the question, though it IS unexpected. And, it changed a few plans, but – even so – I’m thankful!

The flip flops go back in the closet for a bit, and the socks come out of the drawer to warm my toes, on this day after the anniversary of my son’s birth, just a few decades ago. I don’t know that I can remember another of his birthdays when we’ve had snow in Kansas. And, I think this might be the first time he’s celebrated his birthday so far away.

Working away from home, and living in a trailer are the norm for him now – and for others who, like him, live on the road day in and day out, making a living wherever the work is to be had. It’s a different lifestyle than I would have chosen for him, or for his dad, but, things change, and I’m trying to remain thankful.

Unexpected things change the course of our lives, just like unexpected snowflakes change our plans when they fall so heavily in what’s supposed to be Spring!

Today I’m thinking of those who are doing what they have to do – though it’s hard and though it impacts those on the sidelines.

But, Today…

…I’m fighting to be thankful when it’d be so much easier to bemoan what’s changing, and laboriously and begrudgingly move forward kicking and screaming on the sidelines, with my flip flops in the snow.

I’m thankful for the moisture represented in this recent snowfall – we needed it so badly!

I’m thankful for opportunities found and healthy men who aren’t afraid to work hard – even if they’re away from those who love them.

I’m thankful for cell phones, and face time, and communication methods – even though it’s not the ‘best’ form of communication, it’s better than land lines and pay phones.

I’m thankful for the beauty found in a blanket of pure white snow – which has been absent in earlier winter months.

I’m thankful for brighter days ahead – both  in the promise of warm spring days, and in the promise of days filled with hope and healthy souls as we adjust to changes and walk the path set before us.

I’m thankful for compassionate, caring friends who lend encouragement to all those who are hurting, whether near or far – what would we do without you?

But I’m most thankful for…

…a God who loves us – each one of us. A God who knows the plans He has for us. Plans to prosper us and not for harm. Plans for hope and a future. If we will but come to Him and pray, He will listen. If we will but seek Him, He will be found. (See Jeremiah 29:11-13.)

I’m thankful, and I’m praying, with each new day God gives me! May we all find moments for which we can be thankful – even with flip flops in the snow!

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