In this country, where excess is commonplace, and millions of people seek after that which is bigger and better, isn’t it ironic that SO MUCH can often be accomplished by SO LITTLE.

Warning: Random thoughts ahead!

Our alphabet has only twenty-six letters! No more. No less. Only 26!

Each one has its own voice. Each one holds promise. Each has a role, a responsibility, a distinct sound (well, some have more – consider the c in cedar and cat). Yet, when joined together, the potential impact of these few letters explodes exponentially.

Together, they can evoke a multitude of emotions.








Every book ever written employs these 26 letters. Every speech ever given begins with the same 26, woven together to convey an intended message. When skillfully crafted, these letters form words. Sentences. Paragraphs.

Together, they preach!

They encourage!

They chastise!

They comfort!

They teach!

They fill page after page, and they stretch chapters into books which touch millions around the world – every day. They are truly powerful, and their impact, phenomenal.

No contract is formulated without them.

No lyrics are ever written.

No menu, printed.

No love letter, sent.

No ‘Dear John’ letter, received.

No tweet enters cyberspace without a few of them.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a ‘word nerd’ but I find it amazing to think about the impact realized worldwide by the deliberate and intentional – and sometimes, even the spontaneous and random – crafting of 26 little letters.

The power to impact – for good or bad – is within the control of the one doing the crafting!

As you’re letting that sink in…consider a similarly random thought!

How many musical notes are there? Only seven, right? (Well, plus five extras that give us flats and sharps.) They’re repeated, over and over, in octaves, but ultimately, there are only seven notes. So…consider this!

Every song – no matter the genre – is a compilation of those seven notes, in some randomized order.

Rhythm & Blues.


Hard Rock.



Only seven notes, placed together to find a melody, before others are added by the composer, to be blended into a beautiful harmony. The vast differences in all songs depend solely on the design and orchestration of those seven notes!

I think I’ve stumbled upon something today in my random thoughts. Are you with me? It seems there’s a lesson here.

You’re just one person – right? 

So am I.

What can I accomplish?

Who am I to think I can impact this world?

What difference can I possibly make in the grand scheme of things?

Alone, I may not! But, in the care of a Master, I will do much!

I choose to believe God – our Creator – will accomplish phenomenal things if we trust Him to work in and through us, and bring others alongside who complement us. He has a plan to use each one of us for His good, if we allow Him to do so. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11, NIV

I’m thankful God is the scribe of my life – skillfully crafting my letters into words to bring hope and comfort and love. And, I’m thankful He’s my composer, blending my notes into even sweeter harmonies with those He brings into the chorus of my life.

Who better to create a masterpiece of souls, a conglomeration of individuals, than the One who so uniquely gifted each of us?

I’m trusting Him, today, to do great things with the little that I have to offer, and with those joining me in this journey!

Blessings to you, today, my friends!


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