Habits are hard to break!  The “will” is a strong thing!  And, change is difficult.

In this, the first month of the year, there are many who are, most likely, expressing those same thoughts if they made New Year’s Resolutions, or lifestyle changes.   We’ve all been there, as we’ve tried to break a habit, whether it’s one that’s actually unhealthy for us – like smoking or drinking or overeating; or whether it’s one that’s taking up too much of our time – like social media or smart phones or online games! Change IS INDEED difficult.

Personally, I’m on a new journey to wellness and a more healthy lifestyle. I’d like to take a little better care of my body in hopes it’s around longer than if I am NOT proactive in this thing called life!

But, the journey isn’t an easy one, at all.  And, my attitude often gets in the way of progress.  That’s part of the difficulty of change.

So, today, I choose to focus on my reasons for change, instead of my poor attitude.

img_1240I have a great husband of 43+ years.  I know we won’t make it another 43 years, but maybe another 20? or 30?  That’d be fine with me!

Life is an adventure by his side, and it doesn’t stop!  He’s actually on this ‘adventure’ with me, toward a healthy lifestyle.  And, I’ve been on a few of his favorite adventures for the last few years, exploring the United States on the back of a bike – he’s got two wheels, I’ve got three! And, more adventures await…jim

And, then, there are our descendants….we have two kids and four awesome grands – actually five, now!

Our daughter is a delight!  She’s got the heart of her mama, and is a bit feisty like her dad!  A good blend, for the most part!  She’s a teacher, and loves seeing light bulbs go off in little ones’ minds when new concepts are mastered!  She’s been stretched in so many ways! She’s grown stronger with each challenge faced – strong both in her faith, and in her professional life.  Until recently, she was a strong, competent, beautiful, single mom. Now she’s a strong, competent, beautiful, newlywed!


Just a couple weeks ago, my husband and I gained an awesome son-in-law who is respectable, and honest, and kind, and who loves our daughter and her kids!  He’s fun to be around (as is his family!). He works hard, and loves to be ‘on the go’ to games, and concerts, and more!  He’s one of the luckiest guys I know – always winning tickets to something, or meals,  or whatever!  Glad he won our daughter’s heart! We are blessed! Our family is growing and we’re loving it!

Along with him, we gained a sweet, 11-year old, red-headed granddaughter!  She moved to the top of the grands, by age, and we’re thrilled to get to watch her grow and become a beautiful young woman!  She’s a cheerleader, and a basketball player, and a volleyball player – quite the athlete!  She’s happy and loves to have fun, and always has a hug for this ‘extra grandma,’ which makes me smile. We share her with others who love her, but we’re glad to love on her when she’s with us!

Next oldest is our brunette granddaughter, who is 10. The one who actually ‘made’ us grandparents! What a joy!  I’ve been told she looks a little like me – I’ll take that!  She is learning to excel in basketball and volleyball.  She loves school and is devastated when she has to miss – she wants perfect attendance. She’s wise beyond her years, and is a happy, healthy, lovable, bundle of energy. She’s smart, and loves to learn. She has a huge heart, and cares deeply.  And, she loves the Lord which makes this grandma happy!

Her brother, the youngest of the threesome who are now learning what it means to be ‘blended,’ is seven.  He’s oblivious to his surroundings sometimes! He loves to be on the go!  His heart is full and tender.  His body is active and spontaneous. His mind is sharp and quick. And, his focus is typically ‘seven’ and typically ‘boy’!  Enough said!  Love that kid!

Then comes our son and his family…


He, like his dad, is a pipeline welder, and a darned good one – got that from his dad!  He’s also a gifted artist – got that from his mom (no, really, from God!). And though he’s not ‘using’ his gift in a traditional way, it shines through in everything from his welding to his target shooting and his eye for remodeling.  He’s confident. He’s adventurous! He’s willing to try anything. And, though most wouldn’t know it since his exterior is tough and says otherwise, his heart is tender! This mama knows!

Our sweet daughter-in-law is fun-loving, gorgeous, and bright.  She loves our son and their kids more than anything!  She loves to try new things with her hubby -like golf, and bow hunting, and more – but at this stage, teaching and family fill most of the 24 hours a day!  She’s an avid reader, and loves learning, and teaching, too!  (Yes, both our ‘daughters’ are teachers and our grandkids are smart!)  We’re blessed to have her in our family, and as the mom to our other two grands…!

The next oldest grand is five, and is our only blonde granddaughter! And, she’s dynamite!  She’s full of individualism, and is the most strong-willed child – even as a little one – I have ever encountered!  BUT, strong-willed children become strong leaders, so lookout world!  She’s a smart one – reading well above grade level. She’s bright – amazing us with her use of a vocabulary that is atypical for her age. And, she loves her cousins, and her little brother so much. Love this spunky one!

And, her little brother is a non-stop, ornery, fun-loving, two-year old go-getter – our youngest grand!  There is never a dull moment with this little guy around. He loves to tease (and be teased), but he can be serious, too I (as pictured).  He loves to work with great intensity at little things like screws, and on/off buttons, and anything that moves (or can be made to move)!  His laugh is contagious! He’s a handful – literally, a big boy – but what a joy!  And, what great hugs he gives!

So…..that’s my focus!  My family!  My “whys”! My top ten reasons to make a difficult change even when my attitude sucks!  Pretty good motivation, I’d say! I’ve got way more memories to make with these precious people God has blessed me with!

Let the journey begin….no, let the journey CONTINUE! Change is difficult, but the rewards are many, and when my focus improves, so does the journey!

May your journey hold such great rewards, too! Let’s DO this! The year is yet young, and progress is ours to be made!

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