Good Sunday Morning, Friends! It’s December 20th, and Day #20 of my 2020 Christmas Creche Countdown! Have you followed my posts? If so, you’ve seen 40 of my wonderful, unique, treasured nativities so far, and there are several more to be featured in the last few days of December.

This has been SUCH a GREAT treat to share with you all, and I’ve loved hearing your comments and seeing your pictures. So glad to know you’re enjoying the journey with me. What better way to share the joy of this season – virtually – when for many of us Christmas just isn’t quite normal!

Quarantines. Changed plans. Covid positives. Changed plans. Exposures. Changed plans. Mask mandates. Changed plans. Vaccine controversies. Changed plans. Isolation. Changed plans.

BUT…Jesus Christ was born many years ago. Many changes ago. God’s purpose, as played out in the life of His Son, Jesus Christ, has NOT CHANGED! He came as a babe, lived among us, died a cruel death to pay for our sins, was raised again triumphantly, and now awaits His followers in Heaven with God the Father. Amen!

I want you to see one of my new nativities – found just this year. As I’ve said so many times, I’m the last of the big spenders. Most of my nativities are relatively inexpensive, and many of them are ‘used’ finds. This one was at a Wichita flea market we visited lately and cost me all of $8! That, I can afford. But isn’t it the sweetest thing? My Lil’ Dozen, 12-piece creche. It’s another small one (all I can say is it’s a good thing I don’t collect LARGE ones) with the stable standing about 5″ tall, and rests easy on a tiny 3-legged stool.  The little characters are about 2″ – some of them nearly that wide their flowing robes, hand gestures, shepherd hooks, gifts, etc.

The manger is so sweet with its cobblestone base and cracked walls that expose the structure beneath. I love the woodgrain details of the sidewalls, and beams. Plus the vines on the thatched roof. And, the little characters are sooooooo incredibly sweet. Love their little innocent faces. Their fingers and toes. And, the curls on both creatures and kids – oh my goodness. Those little lambs. Sweetness personified in this creche. I’m happy with my latest purchase! It makes me smile.

The other creche I want to share today is one I’ve had for several years. This year, it’s displayed on the gorgeous repurposed piece of an old upright piano. I love that shelf (which usually holds antique books) and I love that this nativity is narrow enough to sit on the ledge which originally held hymnals.

The silvertone nativity scene has simple lines, but great details. It’s perfect because it’s tall, yet narrow enough to fit here. I need to add some greenery or find some trees that ‘fit’ this nativity. And, I will. Just not this year!

I hope you enjoyed today’s look inside my home. It may be a Christmas of changes this year, but I trust you’re adapting well, and embracing the changes, knowing God can use even our difficulties to bring us joy! May you be joyful, today.

AND…as much as I appreciate you ‘following’ ME during this Countdown, I pray you are following THE ONE who came so long ago to save the world – Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer. God bless!



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