“When do I arrive?”

It was a question I struggled with. I was a young wife and mother – well, not real young – but just not feeling like I was where I wanted to be in my Christian walk. Nothing was wrong with it, I just wanted more. I wondered, when do I get to the point of being the woman God wants me to be?  When do I arrive?

So, I asked that question of a woman I’d grown to love, admire, and respect. In my youthful mind, I looked at this special friend as if she had already ‘arrived!’

She was so giving and hospitable, such an encouragement to others, and so affirming to younger Christian women. That’s what led me to ask her the question.  If anyone would know, she would.  I was eager to grow, but how would I know when I got there?

Her answer was short and sweet – much like she was! “You don’t EVER arrive,” she responded.

In the years since, her words have proven to be true.  “Christianity is a continuous growth process,” she had said. How true that has been.  I’ve seen it in myself, and in others. And, oh, what a blessing!  I’m glad Christianity isn’t a stagnant, boring, life.  I’m glad I won’t ‘arrive’ this side of eternity with Him!

Many years after that conversation, I continue to be thankful for the influence of this Godly woman, and many others who have walked alongside me.  May their jewels be many, as they walk with their Father on streets of gold.

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