Tulips1The lights on the tree are still twinkling – Funny thing –  I hadn’t even noticed them earlier!  There was too much commotion!  Happy voices! Laughter! Giggles! Commotion, yes!  But, it’s much too quiet now!

Underneath the tree, it’s unfamiliarly bare!  Two trash bags are swollen with crumpled wrapping paper!  The treasures once wrapped inside are now at the homes of kids and grandkids! And, they seemed genuinely thrilled with what they received!  Something they wanted! Something they needed! Something to wear!  And something to read!  Yes, it’s all good!

Lots of old memories flooded this home tonight!  One of the things we gave our kids was a set of three DVDs labeled “McAllister Memories” — our old, very old, 8mm movies, turned into DVDs!  We watched them! The memories were AWESOME!  Faces we haven’t seen for decades! And, our grands loved seeing the faces of their parents, as babies!  It’s all good!

A house full of love! A kitchen full of soups and crackers, snacks and cinnamon rolls!  Leftovers galore! A pile of dirty dishes, but they can wait until tomorrow! It’s all good!

Air hockey games between an uncle and his nephew!  Uno, strategically played, pitting one grand against her soon to be stepdad!  It pitted husband against wife!  Reverse!  Draw Four! “UNO!”  “I love you, but DRAW FOUR!” “Really?” “UNO!” What fun we had!  Gramma somehow came out in last place!  But, it’s all good!

Christmas 2016 is basically over!  But, it’s all good!

Time to pack away the nativity scenes I’ve so enjoyed these last few weeks!  Time to take down the tree! Christmas memories made!  Treasured times with family! It’s all good!

Thankful for a son and his lovely wife and their two bundles of exuberance!  Thankful they live near enough I can see them often!  Thankful for a daughter and her two littles – and for her soon-to-be husband, and his daughter – an extra grand for us very soon!  Thankful they, too, are nearby!  Thankful for God’s blessings to all of us! It’s all good!

Everyone is gone! PJs were on (for the grands, at least) and hugs were given – they headed home! Rest well, little ones!  Gramma and Papa are tired, but thankful!

But in the midst of all that’s good, I’m reminded that it’s NOT all good for many this Christmastime!  My niece had to say a forever goodbye today! My mother-in-law is saying a L.O.N.G. goodbye, as she watches her husband slip away, one long hard day at a time. Some of my relatives are alone, miles away from family – by choice, but nonetheless hard at times like this.  Text messages keep us in touch, but it’s not the same. My thoughts and prayers are with all of these who may not be able to say today, “it’s all good!”! May God send you His love in a message – in the form of an unexpected hug, or a card or letter, a phone call, or a smile!  May His presence be felt in your hard times.

I’ve been there, too!  But, today, I’m thankful – thankful I can say “it’s all good!”

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