This grandma has four grandkids who have teacher moms – moms who are, right now, thoroughly enjoying the break from routine. No lesson plans. No schedules. A respite from the end-of-the-year chaos. The flurry of field trips, track meets, music programs, and graduations – that’s all forgotten now. But…today I’m remembering some special moments amidst the chaos!

There was the day I sat on the sidelines watching a granddaughter compete in shot put and discus. I was reminded that day, thanks to the zealous announcer at the mic, that it was National Melanoma Day. What irony, I thought at the time as I sat in a lawn chair with no shade in sight. Many students and spectators were sporting newly-acquired sunburns later that day! But, a very special girl came away with more than a sunburn — a new personal best in the discus. Rylee’s face lit up as she heard the measurement, and this grandma was glad to have shared that moment – it was priceless!

Later that week, I shared more sideline moments with another granddaughter at another track meet. Again, no shade. The thrill of victory showed in Emma’s eyes as she took first place in her heat, and fourth, overall. What a great accomplishment. And, again, sunburns were a reward for many coaches, teachers, students, and spectators, but this grandma’s reward was in being there.

Just a few days before school was out, my youngest grand was recovering from an all-night puke fest. He couldn’t go to daycare, and no substitute teacher could be found for his mom’s class, so this grandma got an early morning wake-up call. I was thankful Jesse was done vomiting, but he was pretty wiped out. We played games, picked flowers, counted grapes, found puzzles to put together, and so much more. Then, he rested, and this grandma should have, because afterward, we took a walk. Life is full of adventure with Jesse!

There were end-of-the-year music programs to attend. And, proud grandma moments when I could say “That’s my granddaughter, Kenzley! Isn’t she such a cutie?” or “That was Ty, my oldest grandson! He makes me smile!” Those moments are priceless when we see our grandchildren singing their hearts out and scanning the sea of parents, siblings, and grandparents, looking to find THEIRS in the crowd of faces. Needing to know we’re there – supporting them and watching them succeed. Great moments, shared! Great memories created. Great joy overflowing.

Summertime brings even more reasons to be proud and more opportunities to be involved in the lives of our grandchildren. Volleyball games. Baseball games. Gymnastics. Swimming lessons. Whether those moments are enjoyed in person or across the miles, by video, sharing life with grandchildren is pretty awesome.

As I’ve been doing the final editing of my soon-to-be-published book, “Intentional Grandparenting: Creating Memories with your Grands,” I’ve been reminded of the myriad of memories I’ve made with mine. I’m blessed!

As the sign in my office says, “I never knew how much love my heart could hold till someone called me Grandma!”

A truer statement has never been made.




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