cropped-img_0099.jpgLately, I’ve been thinking a lot about life, and growing older!  (Did I say that? Old?  Me? Nah!  Can’t be!)  It’s funny – well, maybe not – when you come to the realization that you have less years AHEAD than in your PAST! I’m there. How about you?

I’ve noticed that those who accumulate birthdays, also accumulate prescriptions. Medicines keep certain numbers within certain ranges.  High blood pressure? High cholesterol? Diabetes? It’s all about numbers, and it’s all about prescriptions!  For me, it’s appendages that I’m accumulating!  An appendage, by definition, is “something added or attached to an entity of greater importance.”  Got appendages?  I know I do!

Some I’ve had since I was young.  I first wore glasses in grade school.  But, as a teen, I guess vanity got in the way and I went without them. I got along JUST FINE! When computer screens fit into my daily life, though, so did bifocals! Today, I wake up and immediately reach for them so I can see my way through the day!

Some appendages are PRN, or ‘as needed’!  If my feet hurt, for example, I wear crazy little bands that keep plantar fasciitis from rearing its ugly head and making each step miserable.

Others appendages are more mandatory!  When the day is done, I put in a mouthguard designed by my dentist.  It keeps me from clenching my jaw tightly when the rest of me is totally relaxed!  And, because my airway relaxes TOO completely, I wear a CPAP so I keep breathing while I sleep!  Ahhhh!  Appendages! Gotta love ’em!

Now, an audiologist tells me that if I put this tiny little thingie in my ear, I’ll hear better! But the aged teenager in me says, “Not quite yet!”  I’ll get along JUST FINE without hearing aids – for now, at least!

I guess I should just accept the changes that come with birthdays, and take comfort in that definition. I’m the ‘entity of greater importance!’  One with an increasing number of appendages!

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