He’s on two and I’m on three,

Just as happy as we can be,

Sun on our back and wind in our face,

Riding together all over the place!

No more time sheets – no alarms!

Praying God keeps us from harm.

He’s on two and I’m on three,

Doin’ life together – it’s how it should be!


I wrote this little ditty (above) while riding my Kawasaki trike down the highways across this great land.  I choose not to listen to the radio while riding; instead I use it as “think time!”  (Sometimes, though, I wish I had the ability to record my thoughts – can’t always remember after I get to a pen and paper!)

It was about ten years ago when my husband really got into riding a cycle – again! It’d been something he enjoyed earlier in life, but he didn’t have the money for a ‘nice’ bike, so didn’t go far from home.

Then came kids, and school, and sports, and homework, and life itself! Not much time as a young dad to do what he so enjoyed. But, as we have grown older, there’s more expendable income to buy more boy toys, and he’s thoroughly enjoyed the wind in his face as he rides – thoroughly relaxing as he goes!

After he bought his first ‘touring’ bike, he kept inviting me to go along. “No!” I told him! I was older now (than when we used to ride together) and – if we wrecked, I’d likely break easier! Jokingly, I added, “You buy me a trike and I’ll go along with you!” So….he did! And I didn’t even have a license to ride a motorcycle! Had to get a permit, then learn how to maneuver a bike. Had to pass a written and an ‘obstacle course’ on my trike (which doesn’t maneuver quite as easily as a bike does!). But, I did it – and I was well into my 50s! Who’da thunk it??? Not me!

Just six weeks after getting my first trike – we rode all over the Ozarks — that beautiful area of NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas. What fun!

Back home, we rode every chance we got.  I’m a bit more of a weather wimp than he is – he’s ridden at least once every month since he got his bike. But me? Well, I have to have mild weather – not too hot, not too cold! The coldest temp I’ve ever ridden in was a sunny, bright 45 degrees one December day a few years ago. It was beautiful, in comparison to the single digits and snowy days of the past few weeks, but I quickly found out that 45 degrees is NOT warm enough to enjoy the ride! Thought my chin would freeze solid and fall off!

We traveled to the Blue Ridge Parkway that next June and enjoyed a week-long adventure riding up and down that beautiful highway. Oh, the sights we saw! Memorable, for sure. We loved having two of my uncles and an aunt along with us for the ride, too. The five of us had a great time together and made lots of great memories.

The next summer, Jim and I took off for an adventure in the Black Hills and the Badlands. We saw wildlife, and both God-made and man-made wonders! Mt. Rushmore is breath-taking! I’d seen it as a young girl, but it was even more impressive now. And, Crazy Horse – wow!  We saw the unique Devil’s Tower. Majestic, standing alone, in the open grassland! One of the great creative touches of God!

After leaving the Tower that day, we rode north into the corner of Montana – just to say we’d been there. We rode hard in the overbearing sun, just to find out when we reached Spearfish SD that it was 108 degrees. That was definitely the high end of my weather wimp range! And, our trip home from there (we stayed in Custer SD) ended up being a one-day trip due to my mom’s failing health back home! THAT, was a LONG day! I don’t think I climbed back on my trike for several weeks after that day!

I’ve traded trikes a couple times – now have a new one, built to our specs. Our most recent LONG ride was to Cimarron NM, Taos NM, Salida CO, and many other places in that region. Oh my goodness! Beauty abounds there, too.

It’s been a wild ride – lots of wild rides, actually. But, it’s been a new adventure and one I have enjoyed! Doin’ life together!

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