It’s a sad day for America; an especially sad day for the Bush family of South Texas.

The family matriarch, Barbara Bush, died earlier today at her home in Houston at the age of 92. The reports say Mrs. Bush was alert and handling her own affairs – answering emails and phone calls – even in her final days. What a woman! Way to go, Mrs. Bush.

The First Lady of the United States of America from 1989-1993 and wife of our 41st president, Mrs. Bush would later become the mother of our 43rd. I wonder which role was more difficult! Only one other former first lady – the first Mrs. Adams – held that honor.

Another distinction held by she and her husband happened this past January when they celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary, becoming known as the longest married couple in presidential history. Wow! What an accomplishment!

An outspoken yet kind woman, Barbara Bush was highly regarded by many, and was known for her strength, as well as her candor. Upon becoming the First Lady, she reportedly said there were certain things she would NOT be doing. She vowed to never dye her hair, change her wardrobe, or lose weight. She was feisty, and outspoken! I love it!

Mrs. Bush did much to impact Americans and was known as a passionate proponent of family literacy. I’ve loved looking at pictures of her reading to school children. Her passion was easily captured, even in pictures!

More recently, Mrs. Bush chose not to follow her husband’s lead in celebration of her 90th birthday. She was NOT going to jump from a perfectly good airplane to celebrate the milestone, as President Bush had a few years earlier.

I love her spunk! I love her style! And, I love her smile! She genuinely cared about people and it showed – not only in how she interacted with others, but in what she said and how she lived.

But, what I love most about Mrs. Bush is what she wrote some 30 years ago when reflecting on how she wanted to be remembered. It’s how I, too, want to be remembered. Mrs. Bush simply said, “I want to be known as a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. That’s what I am.”

Rest in peace, Barbara Bush. You will definitely be remembered. Rest in peace!


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