I just participated in Writers Chat, an awesome group of Christian writers who encourage, support, challenge, and inspire each other weekly, online.

Today we focused on our writing stories; when we realized we were meant to write, how God is leading us, what genres we choose, and anything happening in our writing world today.

What inspiration! Great stories were shared. Tears were shed as tragic stories emerged. Joy came as God’s orchestration was seen.

Unbelievably, I remained silent, however I decided to tell my own story on my blog – here goes:


I have always loved to write. Even the act of writing (a.k.a., penmanship) and the manipulation of letters and words (a.k.a., phonics) fascinated me. (I wonder if today’s children even know those two words. Do we even offer Penmanship or Phonics in schools anymore?)

I loved writing letters and did so to anyone who would write back – grandparents, aunts and uncles, pen pals across the nation and around the world – seriously.

Diaries were my friend, and I continue that tradition today though it’s called journaling now.

As an adolescent, then teenager, I loved any writing assignments – reports, answering essay questions, creating short stories and poetry, and even tackling dreaded (by most) research papers.

Yes, writing was, and still is, my sweet spot!


On the job, writing was a strength and as employers recognized it, I was often asked to write articles, press releases, letters, reports, and even books. I was a ghost-writer before I knew that term.

Affirmations and kudos came often from co-workers, friends, and bosses. People noticed my writing. One gentleman referred to me as “the choreographer of dancing words,” which I just loved.

Now, in retirement, I write for myself – no, ultimately, for God. It is He who has given me the gift, and it is for Him I write.

My blog covers a variety of topics: Eldercare. Downsizing. Family. Kansas Pioneers. Motorcycles. Faith. Grandparenting. Mostly, just about life. My choice of genres is also diverse – non-fiction and fiction, children’s, devotionals, and more.

Networking with other writers through membership of writing groups has been instrumental in my journey. Conferences have been beneficial, too. There is always more to learn, and this life-long learner just loves that aspect of writing. Never a dull moment.

I’m a long-time columnist for an area newspaper on the topic of grandparenting. I speak at churches on that same topic, and recently had an opportunity to speak in Northern New Mexico.

My first book is launching soon.

Celebrate Grandparenting: 101 Ideas to Intentionally Connect with Your Grands is my first book which will be released soon. It’s a compilation of ideas within the framework of seven categories: crafts, recipes, travel activities, long-distant grandparenting, traditions, and more. It’s a great resource for grandparents. As a spin-off of that book, I facilitate Gramma & Me workshops, leading grandparents in hands-on fun with grandchildren.

My first children’s book, The Road to Explode, tackles the issue of the explosive tendencies of strong-willed children in kid-friendly terminology by suggesting ‘detours’ for little ones. It’s been well-received by parents and teachers and children, and will be released later in 2019. On its heels is a sequel which tackles hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD) for little ones.

But I’m no one-and-done writer!

On my back burner are devotionals, a series featuring extraordinary faith stories of ordinary people, a biographical compilation highlighting my pioneer ancestors, and so much more.

Where will God lead me in this writing journey? Who knows! I trust Him completely, and as He opens doors I walk through them with great anticipation.

Thankful, no doubt!

God is definitely giving me the desires of my heart. I am forever blessed. Praise the Lord!

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