They held me as a newborn, as she praised God for the little girl she’d so desperately prayed for, and nearly lost.

They fed and clothed and cared for me as a little girl who was so blessed to call her mine.

They disciplined me when I chose wrong over right, always taking the opportunity to teach me the difference and encourage me to choose more wisely next time.

They wrote letters, and even more letters, to me as I lived out HER dream of attending a Christian college.

They lovingly welcomed a young man into the family who asked me to marry him 40+ years ago, even though she may have wondered if three months after our first date was too soon to be engaged.

They wrote term papers and took tests 35 years after her own high school graduation, as she completed her own dream of earning a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Counseling – with high honors.

They welcomed three grandchildren into the world, beaming with pride as she watched each one grow and succeed. They later welcomed six great grandchildren into the world, including one born just days ago.

They served the Lord faithfully, and devoured God’s Word, sharing it and blessing many whose paths crossed hers.

Her hands were often folded in fervent prayer for her seven younger siblings, as well as friends and family members, many of whom are now walking with the Lord due to her prayers and God’s amazing grace.

And, they have now reached out to touch the nail-scarred hands of her loving Savior, Jesus Christ, as He welcomed her to her heavenly home!

What an honor it’s been for me to hold these hands for the last six decades, and to now let go of them after ‘walking her home.’

Until we meet again, I love you, Mama!  And, I’m going to miss those hands.

NOTE:  This was written days after my mother’s death, in June of 2014.

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