Have you ever been so challenged by a book that you couldn’t put it down except to catch your breath and process its message before you pick it up and begin to read again? Check out this book, The Good and Beautiful God, by James Bryan Smith.


Of his book, Smith says “…the focus is on the character of God and how we move into a life of intimacy with God.” The subtitle challenges readers to fall in love with the God Jesus knows.

I’ve underlined text and written notes in the margins, and I’m not done with the book yet. There are stars and hearts sprinkled throughout, highlighting things that resonated deeply.


Suggesting we train, as athletes do, Smith provides simple and practical exercises for readers to help in the transformation process. While Smith wrote this book for individuals, he encourages readers to learn together, discussing and digesting the book in a small group setting. Great idea, I thought, and now I find myself leading such a group. What a blessing. I’m thankful for the ladies who came alongside to contemplate Smith’s perspective.

As we reframe false narratives in light of God’s characteristics we are more equipped to deepen our walks with a trustworthy, generous, holy, and good God. This book has caused me to dig deep, challenge my own thinking, and make changes to “the me I know” based on “the God Jesus knows.”

“You may not move mountains or walk on water,” Smith says to his readers, “but I have confidence that you can begin to learn how to be patient and kind, how to forgive those who have hurt you, and how to bless and pray for your enemies. That is just as miraculous as walking on water.”


Do you want to learn more about God? Do you seek to grow in your relationship with Him? What’s your incentive to change?

As for me, I want to fall in love with the God Jesus knows. I want to be a “head-to-toe Alleluia” for God!





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