Day 24…It’s Christmas Eve! Only one more post coming (after this one) in my 2020 Christmas Creche Countdown! I have truly enjoyed this ‘exercise’ in writing, and from the response, others have too. I’m glad. Thanks for your messages, comments, and emails. Thanks for tagging along as I share my nativity collection! Two more today, then the finale on Christmas morning!

Let’s start with the teeniest, tiniest creche EVER! Who knows, I may find one smaller someday, but who knew they even made them THIS tiny!

I bought this a little boutique in Bowie, Texas last December. Jim was working there at the time, and I went down to spend a few days with him in his trailer. Of course, I had to investigate all the little shops while there – while he worked! What fun!

This creche was in a tiny little plastic box; red base with dividers; clear top. The price? $2. Again, that’s my kind of bargain! The container itself was hardly the size of a deck of cards but I was tickled when I saw “Made in West Germany” on the backside. How cool is that?

This is my first year to display my Micro-Mini German Creche, and I had no idea how I would even do it. The pieces are so small, and so light. It almost takes tweezers to place them. So…what would I do with the angel, and the star? That’s when my talented hubby Jim came to my rescue. He had a piece of Spalted Sycamore in his woodshop, and he made a base – beautiful wood, isn’t it! So unique. Jim drilled tiny holes for the angel, and star then I glued those pieces to the end of a piece of jewelry wire. It worked, adding dimension to this wee little creche.

I don’t know if you can even see the figures, but Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus are in the middle. That manger is smaller than my thumbnail, and light as a feather (made of some sort of plastic). To the right of Joseph are three wisemen and to the left of Mary are two shepherds, a cow, a burro, and a sheep. Though they’re really tiny, each piece has amazing detail. For perspective, that’s a dime on the black table runner, below. The whole base is no more than 2″ by 5″. Great things – like nativities – come in small packages!

From one extreme to another — let me introduce you to the TALLEST of them ALL. Another new-to-me creche. Another consignment store discovery!

Mary and Joseph are nearly 12″ tall in this porcelain nativity with muted colors and a matte finish. It’s another one I have a hard time finding a place for because both figures are so tall (and so fragile) and on such little bases! Beautiful, nonetheless!

I have to smile at the light-skinned characters – I can’t say I’ve ever seen a blond-ish Holy Family before — but that’s okay. Creative license, I guess. We all know where Jesus was born is not depicted very realistically in this particular creche, but I still love it!

There you have it!

Day 24, check.

Creche number 52, check.

Creche number 53, check!

Tomorrow at 8am – Christmas Day 2020 – I’ll share my final creche and wrap up this series. Stay tuned. It’s a BEAUTIFUL one!

Whether they’re tall or short, each one of these nativities brings me joy. (And, yes,…through this series, I’ve finally figured out exactly how many nativities I have – 54!)

Christmas Blessings to you and yours this Christmas Eve!!


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