It’s December 23rd! OMGoodness! I think I’m operating on CRUNCH time now, but I’ll get everything done – I always do!

Take a peek at my Willow Tree wall decor; yet another creche. Remember, if Baby Jesus is portrayed, it’s a creche for the purpose of this Christmas Creche Countdown, at least! Willow Tree (DEMDACO) angels and other items are popular. I already shared my Willow Tree nativity scene with all the figures and animals, but I love the simplicity of this plaque. And, again – I love the faceless images! Such love, portrayed in this piece. Can’t you see it?

Below, you’ll see another sweet little creche in my collection. I think I got one of these for each of our kids way back when. And, one for me, of course. Maybe it was for each of the grandkids in the most recent past. Who knows? I normally place this single creche into the branches of garland to accent it well, but I took this pic on my countertop to highlight the detail for you. Love the little toes. The simple smiles. Those little fingers. What a cute creche.

These inexpensive single-piece nativities are perfect for little ones; their own personal nativity for their bedrooms. I’ve bought several over the years – for nieces and nephews, my own kids, and my grandkids. Great stocking stuffers. And, everyone needs to celebrate Baby Jesus – He’s the reason for the season!

Another kid-friendly creche follows. This one is a hinged creation. When closed, you see one of the wisemen and a little black lamb standing at the entrance of a small, crude stable. Mary is visible, too, though she’s protected under the lower thatched roof. Peek over her shoulders to see inside…there’s more to this story!

The Lamb of God is inside…Baby Jesus, joined by the other two wisemen and Joseph. This is a more traditional ‘design’ than most of my nativities, but a treasured piece, nonetheless! My little ones have been amazed and mystified by the opening and closing of this nativity scene for many years.

Okay…what’s next? Well, I’m beginning to think I’ll end my countdown on Christmas morning. If I do, that means I’d better share a couple more nativities today! Are you ready? The next one is a multi-piece nativity I’ve had for years featuring little teddy bears as the characters of this centuries-old Bethlehem story. The Bears of Bethlehem! The muted shades of color and matte finish add to its charm.

Three little lambs, a sweet cow, a shepherd, and an angel complete this crehe. Of course, I found a couple of trees that go well with it, so they’re gracing my bookshelf, too. (Go ahead…peruse my bookshelf and see what I like to read while you’re seeing my nativities. (Of course, I have more books too! One can never have too many books, or too many nativities!)

My final creche today is – once again – unique! Imagine that!

Christmas Begins With Christ! The silhouette of Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus in the manger makes up the front of this thin, unfinished tin creche. A painted black arch, flecked with glittery snow completes it. Between, there’s a base with a tiny LED light strip, batteries, and an on/off switch. The Bethlehem Star ‘floats’ above the manger, attached to the back by a coiled wire.

What makes this little nativity so cool is it’s actually an Advent Calendar. (And, yes, I snapped this picture a few days ago, if you’re counting!) On the first day of December, the black arched tin has a single star. Each day I retrieve a teeny-tiny star (on an even tinier super-magnet) from the backside of the arch and move it to the front. 1…2…3…4.. Every day, another star (they have numbers, in case you can’t zoom in). On Christmas Day the black arch is FILLED with these little white tin stars, and the final circle magnet is attached to the star to proclaim “The KING is Born!” I added it early just for you!

I found this in a quaint gift store in Branson Landing (Branson MO) a few years ago, and I fell in love. So strikingly beautiful was the glow of that lightstrip, upward. The arch gets prettier each day as stars are added. I was so struck by this creche that I bought four – one of my boss (at the time) and his family to enjoy. One for our daughter and her family. One for our son and his family.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this creche because Christmas DOES begin with Christ!

May you be filled with His love on Christmas, and every day!

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