Good morning, All!

Did you see the Bethlehem Star last night? Star of Wonder, Star of Night! The star that led the wisemen to Jesus. What led you to Him?

Sometimes it does us good to ponder. To consider our lives. To realize where we are, remember where we’ve been, and focus on where we’re going. What are we following in this thing called life? Whatever it is, is it worthy of our time, effort, and energy or do we need to refocus?

If we get off track while traveling, our GPS – in an annoying, sing-songy voice – will say “recalculating” until we get back on the right path. Sometimes, I need that voice to help me refocus, change directions, and get back on track. Don’t we all?

The star is a prominent feature in this first creche, attached by a single wire and hovering above this hand-crafted jewel of simplicity.

Three pieces of wood, two pieces of jute, and one little wire. That’s all. But with passion and focus, someone created a precious characterization of the Holy Family. Simple, yet divine, because of the focus of its creator. Think about it…how much more can Our Creator do with each one of us? He’s all about creating masterpieces!

For that matter, how much more can WE do with what WE are given to work with if only we add a little passion and focus?

May 2021 be the year you focus (or refocus if you need to recalculate) and follow the path God has for you. Avoid distractions. Focus on the goal. Follow your Creator.

A few weeks ago, Jim and I were wandering through yet another antique store and/or flea market. I never quite know what to call those random stores. They’re all over. Some are clean, well-presented, and great fun to explore. Others, not so much. They’re dingy and dusty, with random articles housed in broken-down boxes left for wary ‘customers’ to dig through for hidden treasures. I don’t normally do that; especially with the threat of unknown viruses.

Needing a breath of ‘fresh’ air, I pulled my mask off my face at the back of that store. No one was near me. But at that moment in a new-to-us ‘old’ store, I knew I wouldn’t be back. The musty odor was strong enough to get my attention in a nanosecond. That was one time I was thankful I was required to wear a mask as it helped me get to the front of the store! There are plenty of treasures elsewhere – presented well in a clean environment. LOL!

Who would have imagined – 47 years ago when we were married – we would EVER enjoy wandering around looking at the castaways of others? It’s an enjoyable activity (in the right setting) and we really do frequent such stores just for entertainment! Cheap thrills, I know!

Later, at one of our favorite stores, I saw this.

But…I nearly passed up this sweet little creche for one big reason! Seriously!

Isn’t it precious? Shiny white porcelain figurines. Sweet childlike expressions. Perfect features. Lovely details. It’s definitely a new favorite of mine. So, why did I almost pass it by? Well, something’s missing! Something big! One of the wisemen apparently took a wrong turn!

The little voice inside is the third wiseman is saying “recalculating” but he isn’t listening. He hasn’t heard. At least he hasn’t reached his destination.

Perhaps he was distracted by others, or tempted by things in the world around him. The other two remained focused, their eyes on the prize, and reached their destination. But, something caused this one to wander; to follow a random whim rather than the Star of Wonder!

I succumbed. I bought it. I decided I liked three of the five pieces well enough to discard the other two! Who displays an incomplete creche! Such a travesty!

It wasn’t until I was writing this morning that I realized there was a lesson in this nativity scene. And, to think…I nearly passed it by. I’m glad I reconsidered.

Even wise men lose focus, get distracted, and lose their way, but the Star of Bethlehem still leads. Even when we can’t see it. Even when life blinds us from the light. As believers, Jesus Christ dwells within us and what a phenomenal internal GPS He provides each one of us. He promised, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”

So…as we celebrate the babe in a manger this Christmas, may we always remember He is ever-ready to recalculate!

Star of Wonder, Star of Night, Star with Royal Beauty Bright,

Westward leading, Still proceeding, Guide us to Thy Perfect Light!

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