It’s a gingerbread kind of day and lest you believe I’ve baked and decorated gingerbread cookies, DON’T! Don’t believe it! I haven’t.

The fragrances of Christmas are typically not found at my house – apple pie, sugar cookies, gingersnaps, etc. Their aromas may happen once in a while but it’s only because of candles – not baked goods! (Sorry, Jim) I’m no Suzy Homemaker but I AM a great connoisseur of creches. I started this series focusing on my collection on December 1st, and will complete it on the 31st, but I may have to pick up the pace a bit! I’ve shared 36 already, and have about 21 still to go. And, my collection is growing! At this rate, I may be posting about creches until Valentine’s Day! LOL!Seriously, this delightfully creative Gingerbread Nativity arrived yesterday in our mailbox. A special gift from a special friend who saw it and thought of me (imagine that – I wonder how she knew I’d love it?)! She couldn’t resist it, so she wrapped and mailed it from Arizona! (Thank you again, Amalia, a.k.a. Amy!)

Isn’t it SWEET! I guess a gingerbread creche OUGHT to be sweet! Right?

I love the texture of this one and the finishing touches. Each piece LOOKS almost good enough to eat; just like a gingerbread cookie fresh from the oven with delicate details of white frosting. Sooooo cute. I just had to put it near my kitchen, so I moved another creche to make room for this one and put it on the cutest little heart-shaped accent table between my dining room and kitchen.

Perfect location! Perfect creche! Perfectly unique and creative!

Just for fun, here are a couple of gingerbread pics from the past! The first is our kids (MANY moons ago) with a gingerbread creche (of all things) they made with their grandparents (my parents). Such a sweet memory! So glad I have this picture. It’s actually in my Celebrate Grandparenting book, too! The other blast from the past is a bit more recent – my daughter and her two kids, decorating a creche at our church. They were so proud. And, aren’t they just SO cute back then – several years ago! Great children’s activity and great memories there, too!And, no, I’m not counting those two in my collection – I’m sure they were devoured quite quickly after being built! Fun memories, but back to more of my creche collection.

This next one is one I alluded to in a previous post in this series. It’s a precious and much-loved ornament, and like I said – if Baby Jesus is in it, I consider it a creche (for my purposes). There’s a star on the cord, above the manger, and a sign below it.  A nearby lamb poses with the Christ child, adding to the cuteness factor! The manger sits on a bed of grass, and is wrapped as a package with a big red bow and a tag that says, “Love, God!”

I love the gold halo over Jesus’ head…but most of all, I love the 2-sided message hanging below.  “Who else would think of sending a message…and wrapping it in swaddling clothes.” Only God!

I LOVE this ornament! Hope you do, too. It’s by “Lifesighs” in case you want to try to find one! I’ve had it several years though.My next creche is another ornament. A pewter one this time. The overall shape is that of a Christmas tree, but within that shape you’ll find a star, a shepherd’s staff, symbolizing the shepherds, and three crowns, symbolizing the three wise men. Nestled underneath, is Baby Jesus in a manger.

Now….there are two ways to look at the other figures beside the manger…what do you think?

Is it one single angel, or is it Joseph and Mary? I can see both. I guess it’s up to your interpretation. And, your imagination.

Either way, I love this one, too. Of course, I love both pewter and creches so this is a win-win for me!And, last (for today) but not least…This is a cute little decorative piece I found years ago. (B. Lloyd 2006). I seem to like his/her work – had something else earlier in this series. It’s simple, yet so classy! And, it sits nicely in a windowsill, or in front of a planter, or wherever! I love the HOPE God gave us in His son, Jesus Christ. So fitting a word in which to display the manger and Christ child.

I hope you have a great FINAL weekend before Christmas…Blessings, my friends! And, stay tuned…there are still more to come!


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