Greetings, my friends. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in central Kansas. We don’t have as much snow as our southern neighbors do, but we have snow. I love to look at it (from inside my warm home), but do not love to be out in it. However, in our neck of the woods, we need the moisture…so, let it SNOW! As it does, I’ll add a unique creche to my countdown on this special day…it’s our anniversary! Forty-seven years ago, on a cold December day, Jim and I were married! We’re celebrating! Every day!

Mini Log Cabin Creche:

To give you perspective, this stable scene is probably about 4″ across and 4″ tall, but only 2″ deep. Kinda compact. Kinda cute. Kinda unique, which is what draws me so many times to add to my collection. I have nothing like this one.

I wish I knew its history! Actually, I just recently bought this at one of the booths at The Ark, an antique and flea market where Jim and I also have a booth. It was a love-at-first-sight kind of creche. Not all are. I bypass many, unbelievably! Something in this one spoke to me, though. The simplicity? The natural woods? I don’t know. As I’ve looked it over, I’ve found some interesting tidbits. Let me share…

It’s VERY lightweight. The little logs are the diameter of a iPhone charger cord – fairly small. I love how they’re staggered on the rooftop and the backside of the stable, and I love the little window in that back wall – perfect nesting place for two birds! Have you ever seen or heard of birds in a nativity scene? Are there doves in any of the biblical accounts? Most barns and stables – especially in the wintertime – have birds roosting in out of the weather. It could fit the story!

If I were judging by the wear and tear (actually, the darkened areas where years of fingertips would have touched this) I would think it was an old piece. The base, also (on the underneath side) looks old and well-loved with some red areas – perhaps it was stored on top of a red candle??? BUT, there are places on the back wall where I see what looks like hot glue or super glue. Shiny evidence of either construction or repair – I’m guessing repair, because it’s only in certain spots.

Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the sheep and birds are pieces of wood, put together, to make these delicate characters. I don’t believe they’re hand-carved; they’re more like pre-made shapes or beads, interestingly joined together to become the Holy Family and creatures of this creche.

Take a closer look at it, though. There are two interesting observations I’ve found as I’ve gotten to know one of my ‘newest’ nativities.

Number One: The ‘wear and tear’ on the front of the manger holding Baby Jesus tells me this creche has been adored, and many little fingertips have touched that manger. The texture is much more noticeable on the sides and backs than on the front edge. I find that endearing!

And, Number Two: This creche is PERFECT for 2020! Mary is masked! (I made you look, didn’t I? And, now you can’t unsee it! Sorry.)

Please tell me I’m not the ONLY one with “Covid-humor!” and I’m not the only one who ‘sees’ the mask. I realize it’s really her light face we’re seeing below her dark head covering, No disrespect intended, but I saw this and thought there couldn’t BE a more PERFECT 2020 addition to my collection! What do you think?

Enjoy the chuckle….and I’ll see you tomorrow! I still have several creches to share – including a couple of BIG ones. Stay tuned!

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