Greetings, Friends. I’ve been eager to share this clever creche with you since the beginning of my countdown. It’s basic. It’s simple. It’s monochromatic (though distressed to add depth), and it’s all one piece. This wooden creche is probably machine-made in some sweatshop or warehouse, somewhere! I love the filigree, silhouette-like design. It’s just so stately. The base is about 14″, and Joseph is about 11″ tall, just to give you perspective. (By the way, his shepherd’s staff is metal.)

I found the trees after I ‘adopted’ this creche. They are between 8″ and 12″ in height; painted, distressed, then covered with a coarse-grain glitter. I found the trees – probably at some Christmas clearance – and thought they would go well with my Silhouette Creche! And, they do. Again – I just love it when these things come together well. Not made as a set, but perfectly suited to be displayed as a set.


Last year, my Silhouette Creche found its home atop my kitchen cabinets which are almost the same color as this nativity. The walls BEHIND my cabinets, however, are a deep red, and the contrast against that was awesome. I now have antique butter churns up there – one from my side of the family and one from Jim’s – so the creche found its home this year on the carpet in my living room, in front of some large overstuffed pillows. It looks great there, too, but I wanted a crisp picture so brought it to my table for the photo shoot!

I’ve got a question for you, my loyal countdown followers…have you discovered any rhyme or reason in my nativity collection yet? I’ve only just begun and have many more to share, but consider these things…textures, material, height, width, color vs. monochromatic, whimsical vs. stoic expressions. Is there any similarity you’ve noticed? Probably not. Each one is so different. So unique. Right? And, that’s exactly what I love!

It kind of reminds me of the song I learned in Sunday school so many years ago. And, yes, I realize I can’t share the lyrics due to copyright laws, but this particular song describes the children of our world by their color. Red and yellow…you surely remember hearing it, too.

But. Best. Of. All. They are PRECIOUS in God’s sight. All of them. Remember?

Today’s divisive culture makes my heart heavy. I’m sure it must God’s too. We are ALL precious in His sight. Each one of us. We all matter. Oh, if we could ONLY get that through our thick skulls, and LIVE as if we believed it.

Praying for the healing of individuals and the healing of our world…today!

Oh…and here’s a P.S.

Remember Beth’s Silver Sparkle Creche I shared a few days ago? Well, I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and spotted trees that I knew would compliment it so wonderfully. Don’t you just love them? I didn’t take a new pic of the whole scene, but just staged Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus with the trees! I love what adding the trees does for the nativity! Just had to share!

Plan to join me tomorrow, as I show you one of the most unique nativities yet…the artist (it’s hand-crafted and signed) named it Joyous Nativity, but I call it my CRUDE CRECHE. Mind you, I mean NO disgrace at all to the artist. But, just WAIT until you see it. I think you’ll know why I call it crude! It’s mind-blowingly awesome, though – especially the look on Mary’s face! See you tomorrow!

God Bless!

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