Good Morning, Friends. It’s December 11th – and Day 11 of my Creche Countdown!

Today I’m featuring one of my recent finds at an antique/flea market in nearby Wichita. I’ve had it a couple weeks – one of the ‘seasonal displays’ people put out in their booths before a new season, you know! Sometimes THIS is the best time of the year to FIND new nativities in even antique stores.

This one is a bit more traditional looking (as opposed to cute, or unique) than I am normally drawn to, but I liked it for the colors and the carved-wood-look. It’s NOT carved wood, mind you, but it looks as if it might be. I love the stately look of it – yes, even the more traditional look of it. Especially the costuming. It reminds me of the work of a very famous guy I so admire, but it’s not a Jim Shore! I wish! I still am hoping to get one of his one day.

Forgive my brevity today, but enjoy this unnamed creche – please feel free to send your ideas. I’d welcome them. And, have a blessed day. More tomorrow!

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