“Make a list of your blessings,” the author suggested. “During the next week, see if you can unpack 100 things for which you’re thankful.”

Challenge accepted! I can do that, I thought. God has blessed me big time. So, I grabbed a notebook to start my list.

#1 Family (kids & grands & more)

#2 Friends

#3 Jim (he’s not really 3rd…just special)

#4 Home

#5 Social Security (yes, I’m a senior citizen)

And my list continued until – by the end of the week – I had 116 blessings listed. But, being an overachiever, I’ve added to it ever since.

Interestingly, some things may not appear to be blessings – until later. Seemingly insignificant blessings often show up more than once. Like this one: The Tick Tock of a Clock  It’s #68 but also #108 on my list. When I sit quietly to focus on why I’m thankful, I’m often reminded of my random blessings.  

Months after I accepted the challenge, my list continues to grow. I don’t add to it every day; just whenever I think of it. I have found a few duplicates, like “The tick tock of a clock” which I listed as #68, then weeks later, as #108. Other duplicates: Wheat fields. God’s Word. The ability to learn.

Thank you, Lord for all of these – big and little. 

Thanksgiving – the action, not the holiday – can be powerful. I challenge you to give it a try. See if you can reach #100 by the end of this week (let me know if you do). Then, keep counting your blessings.

Shoot me a quick reply with a number between 1 and 250 and I’ll let you know what’s on my list (Yep, I’m at 250 now!)

Together, let’s celebrate our blessings, one by one.

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