I posted a few things I’m thankful for the other day — I’ll continue that list, today…

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I’m thankful for seasons. For change. For the freshness of Spring after a harsh Winter. For the promise of Winter after a harsh Summer. For the seasons that bring us diversity. For the reasons to see God’s glory in His creation – each and every day. And, I’m even thankful for the WACKY WEATHER of the last few days!

I’m especially thankful for the sunrise and the sunset each new day. The glorious, vibrant colors I see – each time. The clouds in their patchwork of vapor as they decorate the skies. The rays of sunshine that escape between those clouds, shining warmth on the earth. The great paintings God presents to us, if only we are open to see them!

I’m thankful for knowledge. Not just what I possess, but what others possess. And, what they share. I’m thankful no two persons are alike. If we share our knowledge, we’re all better off.

I’m thankful for pets. For past pets. For present pets. For furry, four-legged friends that have blessed my life – in childhood, and as an adult. For memories of loves lost, over time, too.

I’m grateful for technology – well, some of it, at least. I’m thankful for technology I understand. Not so much for what I DON’T understand, but I’m thankful, then, for those who do – those who can help me when I don’t.

I’m thankful for food – for nourishment – for the strength it brings. For the good things we have to eat – meats, veggies, (yes, veggies) and fruits. Nuts. Proteins. Carbs (yes, definitely carbs). I’m also thankful for a balance, that’s learned, that helps keep ME be in charge of FOOD, and not FOOD, in charge of ME! A healthy balance which keeps me choosing foods instead of foods choosing an outcome for me that’s less than healthy.

I’m thankful for clothes – to cover our bodies! Thankful for clothes that are now too big. Thankful there are people who can use them, and I can donate them to help others and to help a ministry in Swaziland. Thankful for ‘new-to-me’ clothes, too, which others have outgrown. Thankful, also, that this size is not where it ends – for me!

I’m thankful for the people whose lives have impacted me in great ways. Thankful for those who have recently gone to Heavenly rewards. I’m thankful for the examples shown in their lives – and for their love of the Lord. Their faithfulness to Him in site of obstacles thrown at them in this world. Thankful for the saints I’ve known!

I’m thankful I’m able to be a blessing to others. I’m thankful for the opportunities given me to be someone that someone ELSE will – hopefully – talk about after I’m gone! Thankful to be an example to others.

I’m grateful for my parents, my grandparents, my ancestors. Thankful for the generations I’ve known and loved, and for their commitments to each other – their bonds. I’m thankful for my brother. For cousins. For aunts and uncles. For nieces and nephews. I’m thankful for family ties and family histories. I’m thankful for the task – taken on by my brother – of tracing our genealogy. Also, thankful for the enjoyment it brings him as he pursues it with such passion.

I’m thankful for our service men and women, who serve their country, and me! I’m thankful for those whose goal it is to protect this great nation. Thankful for those who have given their lives to do so. Thankful for those who continue to do so – today, tomorrow…

I’m thankful for the ho-hum of some weekends. The leisurely-spent, relaxing days when nothing is on my plate. I’m grateful they happen every once in a while as a reprieve from the busy-ness of life that happens more often.

I’m thankful for a God who loves me – unconditionally, and without reservation. A God who designed me to be the best possible me, and helps me to get there, if only I ask. He created love, and there was never a day He didn’t love me, nor will there ever be.

I’m thankful for new friends – for those I’ve just met, and for those I haven’t yet me. I’m thankful for the orchestration God does in order to have our paths cross.

I’m grateful for digital clocks and the reminder they give me – at 3:33, 1:11, 5:55, etc. – to pray for others!  That’s my cue! I’m thankful for God’s prompting at these (and other times) to pray. I’m thankful for the gift of prayer – for the blessedness of being a part of what God is doing in another person’s life, through being a prayer warrior.

I’m thankful for muscles – even sore muscles. I’m thankful they work, and can be strengthened. I’m grateful they hold my body together and help it every day – even with menial tasks. I’m thankful for the muscles it takes to smile.

I’m thankful for smiles – mine and yours.

I’m thankful for water – for the refreshment it brings. I’m especially thankful for cool water on a hot day – for the rejuvenation it gives. I’m thankful to be learning to be more thankful for water!

I’m thankful that soda (I won’t name my brand of choice) is now a thing of the past for me. I’m thankful for this war, won. I’m thankful I no longer have that craving.

I’m thankful for color – I love color – the brighter, the better. I’m thankful for the hues of orange and green and yellow and purple. Thankful for the great things that can be done with color. I’m grateful I can SEE color – can’t imagine being color blind. I’m grateful to God who created this world in living colors – the leaves, the flowers, the birds, the animals, the skies, the sun, etc.

I’m grateful for lotion – something to replenish the dryness of skin. I’m thankful for the healthy appearance and feel of skin, freshly moisturized.

I’m grateful for people who persevere, reading through monotonous lists of things I’m grateful for.

And, as they say at the end of cartoons in the olden days….That’s all, folks!

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