Some friendships are meant to last forever. Ours is one, and I’m so thankful!

I am blessed with many such friends and love each one – even those I don’t get to see very often – like Donna. But, what is it that makes a friendship lasting?

Shared experiences? Mutual respect? Commonalities? Prayer support through decades of crises and celebrations?. Shared faith? Oh, and what about Christmas letters? LOL! Maybe that’s it (even if mine are now non-existent).

As our families grew, we shared pictures, and watched our combined five youngsters grow, mature, and become all God meant them to be. We shared one another’s burdens and joys through unsuccessful (and successful) pregnancies; through heart-wrenching (and heart-warming) times. Our hearts were often united in prayer though separated by hundreds of miles.

The road is long between Kansas and North Dakota. I hate to admit it, but I’ve never been there. It’s one of the very few states I haven’t visited, yet I know I would find a welcome mat if I ever do make it that far north.

Donna and her husband Paul spent time with Jim and me this last weekend. Oh, how great it was to catch up, share a few meals, and take a little trip to see Coronado Heights (Lindsborg KS) at Donna’s request. We also gave our friends a quick tour of Hillsboro KS to see the campus of Tabor College, since several of their ND friends are alumni.

The four of us visited non-stop as if we do so regularly. In reality, it’s been 18 months since we were together (Jim wasn’t with us as he was still on the road, working). They were on their way home from Dallas, and only had time for a quick bite to eat, but Donna and I talked as we ate in nearby Newton.

I was thankful to get to see one of their three daughters, Heidi, and meet her growing family back then. I was thankful they got to see our daughter, Shawna, and meet some of her family on this trip – if only for a moment.

Donna and I met in August of 1971. She was a returning sophomore at Central College in McPherson (KS). Donna was the Resident Assistant for a wing of girls in Parsons Hall and I happened to be one of them; a freshman from Iowa who knew not a soul. Central was a junior college back then so at the end of that year, Donna graduated and moved on with her life. The next year, I served as an RA. Was I following her lead?

I wish I had some pictures to share from those years when our friendship was new. I probably do. Perhaps they aren’t FB-worthy! LOL! We were just kids!

Thankfully, Donna and I have remained friends all these years! Here’s to friends who love through thick and thin, pray for and encourage each other, and always extend a welcome mat! You’re welcome here any time, dear friends!







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