cropped-3-wise-men.jpgFeeling jealous today!  It’s Christmas Day!  Not a feeling I should have – especially today, right?  Well, I’m jealous!

I’m in the living room, listening to my husband’s muffled voice and occasional laugh coming from the other room.  He went in there to make a phone call this Christmas Day.  He’s calling his dad, in Arkansas.  They’re visiting about who-knows-what!  Laughing!  Reminiscing! Plotting! Usually, their calls last an hour or so!  There is no one he talks to on the phone longer! Ever!  It’s really great – I’m glad they do!  It’s not that I’m jealous of their connection.  I’m jealous because I CAN’T call my mom or my dad and wish them a Merry Christmas today. I don’t have the area code for Heaven!

It’s been a day! Jealousy, and now tears!

First thing this morning, as we were getting ready for church, there was a rerun on TV.  It was an old Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  A Christmas one.  And, as I ate my breakfast, and it played in the background, I was actually choking back tears!  Oh my goodness – what’s wrong with me?  Really?  Dr. Quinn can drive me to tears!?!?!

Then, later today, as I was getting ready for an upcoming Bible study I’m facilitating, reruns of “Touched by an Angel” are on TV.  Here we go again!  Tears! Couldn’t even read the scripture references I was trying to type!

Emotions run high this time of year, I guess!  That’s true!  Guess it’s just that kind of day!  But perhaps, I should try to reroute my emotions into thankfulness!

Thankful for my inlaws!  Both of Jim’s parents are still alive and well, basically!  Thankful for my friends in the Bible study I lead, and those who are NOT, too!  God has blessed me with many friends, and I’m thankful.  Thankful for the freedoms I have – to even lead a Bible study – we have much to be thankful for that we don’t even realize.  Thankful for those great old shows – Dr. Quinn, and Touched by an Angel – sure wish there were more of those and less of the current trend!

Lord, today, and every day, help me to remember to be thankful!

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