I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, a choreographer of dancing words, a challenger of the status quo, an admirer of all things colorful, and a lover of life who finds great comfort and joy in knowing I’m completely adequate to do whatever it is God calls me to do! I’m a wife to one, mom to two, grandma to five, and I live in the middle of the United States of America with my husband, and a cat named Mufasa who believes he owns our home!

My hope is you’ll find inspiration, encouragement, truth, and even a bit of humor in my words penned in this blog! 

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A Cord of Three

A Cord of Three

I’m not a genealogist; I leave that distinction to my brother who is. I am simply a family historian who is passionate about generational storytelling. My ‘work’ is challenging, exhausting, fascinating, never-ending, and yes…even addictive. But, I do it because of the resulting connectedness and resiliency our family gains as we know from whence we came.

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