I was amazed to find my 2019 planner on my desk this morning. I thought it was lost forever in the deep dark crevices of the unknown underground!

Interestingly, my Camaro was parked safely in the garage, too. That’s when I realized it was only a dream.

What is it that triggers such vivid dreams that I awaken amazed to find my subconscious was not reality?

I don’t know. In Biblical days, there were those who could rightfully interpret dreams. Oh, to have young Joseph at my disposal today. He might bring clarity to my day.

It was only a dream…

…and I don’t know what it means, but my nocturnal story line was oh so innocent. I was driving my much-loved sports car and found myself in a predicament. With well over 140,000 miles on it, I know how little clearance I have and the road ahead looked like I should have turned around miles earlier. Rough terrain with buckled concrete made this road well suited for four-wheeling but not for my low-profile car. It reminded me of news footage of earthquake damage or sinkhole disasters.

Then it happened. As I was turning around to return to a better path, I fell…car and all…into a dark expanse of nothingness. I don’t remember the fall. It wasn’t traumatic. In my dream I was safely on terra firma, deep in conversation with unknown workers who were aware of the cavernous hole beneath us, and had evidently pulled me to safety. As we casually chatted, I remembered my purse was in the passenger seat. Surely, they could go back down and retrieve it for me. But no, it was deemed too dangerous.

But, always a positive thinker, even in my unconscious state I knew I’d be okay. I started making subconscious lists of what I’d need to do. I’d have to get a new phone, of course, and replace my ID and all those plastic cards required to buy food, fuel, and so much more. My wallet was gone and my car was gone but I was mentally making to-do lists.

I’ve got this, I thought. It’s all good!

That’s when I remembered, and my anxiety skyrocketed. It’s miraculous I didn’t awaken in a cold sweat with screams emitting from the silence of my bedroom – not because I lost my purse or cash or IDs or my beloved car, but because my planner was gone, forever. How would I survive?

Much more than dates and times, it holds deadlines and reminders of follow up calls to make. There are action steps carefully plotted in alignment with a myriad of responsibilities. My comings and goings are detailed, complete with hotel confirmation numbers. Meetings scheduled. Commitments made. Appointments set. Special reminders of special days of special people in my life. Contact information for key people and timelines for projects I’m overseeing. This was so much more than a simple calendar and the loss was monumental.

It’s a wonder I slept.

It’s a wonder I woke up refreshed and ready for a new day. And, it’s a wonder I so vividly remember my dilemma of those nighttime hours since dreams are often forgotten the morning after, yet seeing my planner safely on my desk reminded me of my dream.

I’m beginning to think I’m too busy. Perhaps it’s time to revisit my planner making strategic changes. I’ll let you know how that works. It’s highly unlikely with no  relief in sight.

But this one thing I know.

My “Too Blessed to be Stressed” planner  http://goo.gl/p2w7EA will be by my side tonight because if a random tornado hits or the earth gives way beneath me, I want it within my reach!

What do you think?

Are you my Joseph with a plausible interpretation to my crazy dream? Dare to share your thoughts? Please do. I can’t wait to read your comments. Until then, I’ll be adding to my to-do lists!

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