Hi Friends!

My name is Elaine, but five of my favorite people call me Gramma Mac!

An award-winning writer, author, blogger, and columnist, I love to celebrate grandparenting, and have been doing so since my my first grandchild – now a teenager – was born. To read more of my “back story,” click here.

I am passionate about discovering and sharing resources with other grandparents, empowering them to intentionally create memories and build relationships with their grands.

Please share your comments, questions, and favorite grandparenting ideas. Let’s build a community.

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Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. There are more than a billion grandparents worldwide, so guess what? You’re ONE IN A BILLION.

Thanks for stopping by for a chat, and I hope you Celebrate Grandparenting…today!


I can’t let the Coronavirus pandemic go unaddressed on my website. I have no answers – only questions and concerns – much like the rest of us living on Planet Earth. What an unexpected and monumental crisis we are living through at this time! I’m finding myself quarantined in my own home, as per statewide mandates, and that’s not always easily accomplished.

We are all finding ourselves navigating new pathways and I believe we’ll be looking for our new normals for quite some time. I continue to find ways to interact with my grands – even though that means ‘long-distance grandparenting’ when they’re all within 30 miles of me! Some of you – my followers – are saying to me “Practice what you preach!” Right? (My book, Celebrate Grandparenting has a section on long-distance grandparenting, but I’ve been blessed, until now, to not HAVE to practice that!)

Please know I appreciate you visiting my site. If I can offer any advice, there’s a “CONTACT” button on this site. Be well. Be safe. ~Elaine

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Celebrate Grandparenting

101 ideas for crafts, recipes, traditions, outdoor fun, conversations, and activities that are perfectly suited for grandparents and their grands.

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An amazing story of God’s faithfulness through tragedy. I was honored to be entrusted with helping Jan tell her story.

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A great resource for strong-willed children and the parents, teachers, and classmates who care.

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