When reading the Bible do you ever visualize the story in your mind’s eye, wishing you could have been there? A friend once shared devotions at a staff meeting, retelling an all-too-familiar Bible story with such passion that every listener was enthralled. We were captured and carried into that Biblical scene as if it were showing in 3-D right in front of us. Her descriptions of people and places (and miracles) from the Bible came alive that day, thoroughly captivating us. “If Heaven has a Blockbuster,” she exclaimed, “THAT is a video I surely want to see!”

I was reminded of her comment the other day as I studied for a Bible study. We’re looking at the story of Joseph – sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, then put into a position of power in Egypt. It’s just one story that is overflowing with Blockbuster-worthy moments!

The older brothers traveled to Egypt due to a famine, and met with an Egyptian leader who had the wherewithal to help – little did they know it was their kid brother! How did they NOT recognize him?  Was it because he was no longer dressed as a shepherd? Their conversations lend themselves to priceless Blockbuster moments. Joseph knew his Hebrew brothers, but they were clueless. They had last seen Joseph as a pesky teenager with a colorful coat, thirteen years earlier. Overcome with emotion, Joseph had to walk away and regain composure – do you feel the emotions? When Joseph finally revealed his identity, can you imagine the reaction among his brothers? Shock? Disbelief? Anxiety – would Joseph retaliate?

The scene changes – the brothers return home to tell their aging father that Joseph is not only alive, but has offered the family a new start in Egypt! With livestock in tow, Jacob and his 70+ descendants head for Egypt. Another Blockbuster moment happens as Joseph gets word the caravan is near. He jumps in his chariot, and rides out to meet them. A teenager when sold by his brothers, this now 30-year old man can’t wait to see his father. Scripture says Joseph wept as he and Jacob hugged for a very long time. I imagine that scene is a real tear-jerker – kind of like the You Tube videos of soldiers reunited with their families!

The concept of a heavenly Blockbuster has changed the way I read the Bible. Maybe it’s my creative side, but I love how it’s caused me to put myself in the middle of each scene, listening to what is being said, observing reactions of those around me, and experiencing the Word of God in a powerful way. I hope you can do the same! I encourage you to watch for such Blockbuster moments as you read your Bible!

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