I’m a member of a prestigious group – Weather Wimps of America.

Next summer I’ll wave the white flag of surrender when triple digits hit but recently my flag was waving in response to snow drifts, sub-zero temps, crazy wind chills, and black ice. So…join me. I know you’re out there. WWA members, unite! We are at the mercy of whatever comes our way, but we can join forces in lamenting about the weather.

Winter weather had a firm grip on the Midwest. Area schools had more ‘snow days’ and ‘delayed starts’ than they had for a decade or so. Those with no reason to get out were happy to stay home and count the days until Spring. I was one of them. Happily retired.

BUT…there’s good news! Spring is coming! And, even in winter’s blast, our Creator makes all things beautiful.

Jim and I ventured out in those freezing temps because our cabinets were bare. Thankfully, the sun was shining. The highways were clear (for the most part) but the snow-packed streets and parking lots called for a bit of caution. But, beauty surrounded us. 

Everything was miraculously covered by a blanket of white. Even the ugliness was redeemed by God’s creative touch. The limbs of bulldozed trees, covered with snow, gave dimension to these heaps as they waited for a windless day in Kansas. Exposed rafters of abandoned homesteads were heavy with snowfall, too, but beautiful when touched by the Master Painter. The contrast of dark and light – both in nature and man-made structures made me smile. God makes all things beautiful.

Blowing snow accumulated in road ditches creating such intricate designs, all at the hand of God. The sunshine glistened on every snowflake as if delicate microscopic glitter was dumped silently from Heaven. Tiny blades of wheat peek through the snow that remains in fields to see if it is safe to make their grand entry; to reach for the warm sunshine.

In the days since that mid-winter trip to buy groceries, the temps have continued to climb. The sun appears in the sky earlier and earlier each day, and it sets in the West later each evening. Life is returning to the rhythm of Spring which I appreciate. Winter’s chill will soon be history, and I’m thankful. 

We who are weather wimps celebrate as coats and sweaters are tucked away. Lawns become green after months of dull brown hues. Buds appear on eager trees. Early flowers peek through from the leaf-covered shelter. I’m reminded not to rake away the remnants of Fall too early. Our little bee friends are still nestled in such places, waiting until no hint of winter remains. They’ll soon return, too.

Thank you, God, for all the seasons – especially Spring and Fall. They’re comfortable. Your Word tells us there is a season; a time for every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Thank you for allowing us to enjoy the beauty of each one, and forgive our grumbling during the highs and lows. Thank you for helping us to see your hand in all. We love you, Lord! 






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