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2020 Christmas Creche Countdown – #20!

Good Sunday Morning, Friends! It's December 20th, and Day #20 of my 2020 Christmas Creche Countdown! Have you followed my posts? If so, you've seen 40 of my wonderful, unique, treasured nativities so far, and there are several more to be featured in the last few days of December. This has been SUCH a GREAT treat to share with you all, and I've...

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Day 19 Christmas Creche Countdown

It's a gingerbread kind of day and lest you believe I've baked and decorated gingerbread cookies, DON'T! Don't believe it! I haven't. The fragrances of Christmas are typically not found at my house - apple pie, sugar cookies, gingersnaps, etc. Their aromas may happen once in a while but it's only because of candles - not baked goods! (Sorry,...

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Day 18 Christmas Creche Countdown

It's Friday...and a week from today is Christmas! Can you believe it? What must it have been like 2000 years ago? A week away from her delivery date, was Mary calmly sweeping, or dusting off the tabletop in Nazareth? Did she have everything ready for the new arrival - swaddling clothes, blankets, a place to lay his head? Had Joseph crafted a...

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Day 17: Christmas Creche Countdown

Counting down....or maybe I'm counting up! In either case, it's day 17 of my Christmas Creche Countdown for 2020! This has been a fun 'exercise' as I've spent time remembering, observing, and writing about each one of my nativities. I have several. Has anyone counted yet? I've posted about well over 17 so far - as some posts feature more than...

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Day 16: Christmas Creche Countdown!

Greetings, my friends. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in central Kansas. We don't have as much snow as our southern neighbors do, but we have snow. I love to look at it (from inside my warm home), but do not love to be out in it. However, in our neck of the woods, we need the, let it SNOW! As it does, I'll add a...

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Day 15 – Christmas Creche Countdown

We three kings... ...steadfast in their goal to follow a celestial flashlight. Three kings, determined in their search for the newborn King. These kings brought fine gifts - gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Expensive gifts for a baby in a barn. A baby surrounded by animals! They were on a mission, and at the end of it, they were on their knees...

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Day 14 – Christmas Creche Countdown

It's a great pre-Christmas morning as I prepare to share another creche with you all. I can hardly believe it's a little more than a week until Christmas. How time does fly. Especially this year. You'd think in 2020 the days, weeks, and months would just drag by, but that hasn't been the case for me. It seems the opposite! Several years ago...

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Day 13 of Christmas Creche Countdown

It's Sunday. Day 13 of my Creche Countdown. Let's take a peek at Baby Jesus through the eyes of a child. I've enjoyed having nativities over the years that my kids and now my grandkids can enjoy playing with to retell the Christmas story in their own kid-friendly terminology! Today I'll share some of these the Charlie Brown...

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