“We all feel stronger if we are part of a tapestry. One thread alone is weak, but woven into something larger, surrounded by other threads, is more difficult to unravel.” Thanks to Zoom, I heard Stephen Walters speak those words to a crowd of genealogists at a Roots Tech conference.

His comment caused me to think of Ecclesiastes 4:12. Scripture reminds us that a cord of three strands is not easily broken. His words also reminded me of studies I’ve read about the resilience of children.

What? Did you follow that? Same concept; different spin. Let me explain.

Studies show those who are more knowledgeable about their family history are better able to overcome adversity and face hardships. I’m paraphrasing the results of a study by Fivush and Duke with the Family Narrative Project at Emory University – check it out!

Connectedness is key!

I’m not a genealogist; I leave that distinction to my brother who is. I am simply a family historian who is passionate about generational storytelling. My ‘work’ is challenging, exhausting, fascinating, never-ending, and yes…even addictive. But, I do it because of the resulting connectedness and resiliency our family gains as we know from whence we came.

After presenting a couple of times at the Heartland Family History Conference (Topeka Genealogical Society in Kansas), I was led to develop “Generational Storytelling: The Workshop.” By facilitating this 5-week course in area libraries, I’ve met others who are equally passionate about family history and storytelling.

Some are paralyzed by the enormity of the task ahead and are unsure where to begin to preserve the history of their ancestors. Others are already documenting ancestral adventures, one at a time. It’s exhilarating to watch my new, like-minded friends gain confidence and work to accomplish their goals.

BUT, you may say, “What if I’m not interested in my family history?”

That’s okay, but I urge you to find someone in your family who IS and give that person any family artifacts, documents, and pictures. Don’t let your family history die with you. Even within my own family, some have no desire to delve into our shared history but most families have at least one person committed to preserving the family history; determined to maintain that generational connectedness. Find that person!

So, dig out those dust-encrusted boxes. Find those scribbled notes of who begat who. Rescue those unidentified photographs (ask me how my brother and I solved one such mystery). I would love to help you delve into the stories of your ancestors. Let’s do this!

Email me at BFFGramma@gmail.com for upcoming workshop dates and locations.






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